Request For An Investigation On A Group Rape Of Miss Samantha Schuher In San Francisco Hotel On 18 May 1996, With New Elements

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For President-Elect, His Excellency Joe Biden, Office of the President Elect.

Following to my previous post entitled “New Elements Prove That On 27 July 1993 Attorneys Bert Humphreys and Bill Stillerton Were Assassinated not Just Killed in a Car Accident”, of which you find a full version on the United-Chambers blog, I was contacted with more information on the Belgian attorney Inès Wouters, who is believed to have financed the assassination her colleagues Bert Humphreys and Bill Stillerton in Saint Louis. Photos of her have been exchanged across the planet triggering more witnesses who come forward to help the case of the two young attorneys who were presumably assassinated precisely because one compromising nude picture of Inès.

Letter to the US President Elect Joe Biden: New evidence shows that on July 27, 1993, lawyers Bert Humphreys and Bill Stillerton were murdered, and not just killed in a car accident in Saint Louis

I have the honor to share an additional scandal in her name:

Miss Inès Wouters is a practicing lawyer at the Brussels Bar. She specializes in fiscal law, patrimonial family law. non-profit association law, banking and finance law, and she lectures “Regulation, Supervision and Taxation in Islamic Finance at the Islamic Finance University Certificate Program of the Louvain School of Management (UCL — Catholic University of Louvain)

Brussels Bar Association
Inès Wouters on LinkedIn

In 1996, Inès Wouters would have attended a symposium in San Francisco (USA) about new legal matters and about a new way of working for defense lawyers at the Criminal Court. It was a 4-days symposion which started on 17 may 1996 and ended on 21 May 1996.

Inès Wouters would have travelled and registered herself for the conference under the name Vicky Brown. The conference may have been held at one of the Intercontinental hotels in San Francisco.

The accommodation was sponsored by the symposium organizers. One of the organizers is Bert Stones and he organized an afterparty at the same hotel, for which they rented the entire 4th floor. The so-called “Vicky Brown” was invited by Bert Stones to attend the afterparty at the hotel. They ordered food and drink and music with a DJ.

Bert Stones also ordered 3 escorts from the office of Gislaine Maxwell, to bring fun to the party in a normal and pleasant way. One was called Samantha Schuher, she was 27 years of age and she was born in Orlando Florida. The two other escorts are Josie Palmers who was 25 years of age and from Salt Lake City , and Gilly Higgins who was 26 years of age and from Miami. They traveled by air to make the best of the party.

There were ten male invitees and one woman, who is Inès Wouters. At the party someone added rohypnol (an opioid drug typically used to make rapes easy) in the drinks of Samantha, after which she was very drugged or anesthetized.

She was taken to another room and layed in bed. She became the object of sexual abuse by all the 10 male participants and one female participant who group-raped Samantha on 18 May 1996. The rape started at 1:46 PM. The guests came in one by one to rape her in the separate room where she was taken too on that same floor. In this way, nobody could hear the woman scream. The rape took about two hours and ended at 3:45 PM. When one guy was finished another guy went inside. It was planned beforehand like this.

When the last one finished, it was Inès Wouters’turn. The so-called Vicky Brown — also participated in the rape. If you wonder how a woman can rape another woman, then know that Inès would have penetrated the victim with a very big and long dildo, which she had in her luggage, and which she brought with her from Belgium.

She went and she began massacring the young woman to unimaginable degrees. The worst damage was done by this Belgian attorney at law. I was told that nobody had heard the victim screaming and that this would be because of the strong drug which was used to make her numb and unable to move or shout.

Inès had more than a dildo with her in herbag. She penetrated the vagina of the victim with a sharp object, and I was unable to learn about what kind of object it was. She pierced many times with an indescribable hatred which needs to be examined by psychiatrists from all over the world, to understand why this woman is so angry with all the other women.

When Inès Wouters finished, she rinsed the dildo and she put it back in her handbag, probably to use this on the next victim. She travelled back with the tool to Belgium. When it came to the sharp object, she left it there next to the victim, and she went back joining the party.

My next question was if Inès Wouters did not have blood on her clothes after the wild attack, the answer was “no”. She did not have blood on the clothes she was wearing for the party because she first went back to her room to change her clothes. She was wearing a blue marine suit with the blood of the victim on it.

After she changed her clothes, she was wearing a light brown, rusty-brown suit. There were photos taken at the party of all the participants. There are photos on which you can see that Miss Inès Wouters was dressed in a blue marine suite and other photos of the same woman wearing a brownish suit.

20 minutes after Inès had left Samantha, a room maid walked into the room and found Samantha drugged, severely injured and totally covered with blood on the mattress and everywhere. There was so much blood that the only reaction of the maid was to call an ambulance. The name of the maid is Suzy Walkers, she has tanned skin and she was 19 years of age.

The ambulance arrived 6 minutes later at 3:51 PM, and they were joined by the San Francisco police. The hotel was locked so as to have nobody leave until everyone was interrogated. Inès Wouter too was interrogated and she signed her police declaration. They checked her passport and they obviously thought she was Vicky Brown. I have no knowledge of what was in the declaration she made or what she said to the police.

The new investigation should match the details and the signature which the San Francisco police have with the details and the signatures which we have of Lawyer Inès Wouters in Brussels. The details will be used for investigating unresolved rapes and murders in Belgium and Morocco, where Inès Wouter has at least two tourism-related properties on which group-rapes of children and pedophilia suspectedly occurred.

There is a file in preparation about a bakery in Belgium which is believed to be a property of attorney Ines Wouters. She is hiding her identity because of tax reasons. We re comparing her handwritten signature with the logo of the bakery.

We want justice for Samantha Schuher who is still alive. On 19 May 1996, Samantha had lost a lot of blood through the vagina. At the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital she received a blood transfusion. The womb was totally destroyed. They immediately removed everything. The whole reproduction system was taken out to prevent the death of the young woman who was damaged so severly that she was unable to work again, to have sex normally and to procreate, and this is equal to a homicide.

There are files existing of the criminal case Saint Francis Memorial Hospital which should be made available for the Belgian Federal Police as well as the International Criminal Court, where I am bringing all the files together for crimes against humanity.

Vicky Brown did not stick around one more minute after the interrogation and fled to Belgium, and back to safety.

The blue marine suit on which there are the bloodstains of Samantha Schuher and which Inès Wouters took off might still be in San Francisco. Inès threw that suit through the trash chute tube for the dirty linen that arrive at the collection point for the hotel laundry. It might have been recovered and given to the police of San Francisco for further identification. They may have made a link with the group-rape. That is what I would like the Supreme Court of the USA to confirm and investigate the DNA, in order to extradite Miss Inès Wouters to the USA.

If you wonder why Inès Wouters was not arrested, it is perhaps that nobody would have thought that a woman had raped and destroyed the reproductive system of another woman.

The ultimate leader behind rape, genocide and the despicable sex trade is apparently a WOMAN

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