New Elements Prove That On 27 July 1993 Attorneys Bert Humphreys and Bill Stillerton Were Assassinated not Just Killed in a Car Accident

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His Excellency Donald Trump
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In July 1993 an accident occurred in Saint Louis, USA. The victim were 2 young lawyers. The two victims are called Bert Humphreys and Bill Stillerton who died on July 27, 1993, in a car accident involving 2 passenger cars and a truck in St Louis.

Only the driver of the truck escaped the accident and he turned out to be a heavy gangster, specialized in murders with car accidents. His nickname is Joey the Midget from Chicago, a member of the Bonanno mafia. He is 83 years old and still living in New York. In 1993, he received $250,000 to cause the accident.

He got the money deposited in Chase Manhattan’s account, and the amount was transferred to Chase from the BNY Mellon where Inès Wouters has an account. He would have received the money in advance, 14 days before the death of the 2 lawyers.

Inès Wouters knows the 2 lawyers in the context of a court case in which a man would have murdered his wife. The man claims that he found the woman dead, but the investigation proved the contrary, because blood from him was found on the victim as well.

The perpetrator’s name is David Samuelson. His wife and victim’s name is Elisabeth Montjoie. He worked in the brewery sector at the Budweiser company. He knew Samuel Hall who was murdered at the command of Her Highness Princess Jacqueline de Croÿ in the context of shares.

The perpetrator had taken Inès Wouters as his attorney and she would have worked as a lawyer in Saint Louis under her real name. Thus, this is how everyone found out. She betrayed herself, and the story is circulating in the international business world.

The victim’s family had taken as lawyers Bert Humphreys (24 years old) and Bill Stillerton (27 years old). The two young lawyers started looking for arguments when they found out that Miss Wouters insisted that her client was not a criminal.

Inès Wouters spent time in America from January 1991 to December 1994. She lived there under the false name Edith Colbert, who was supposed to have been born in Austin Texas, an identity that Daniel Renson arranged for her in a situation of panic and urgency. She paid $27,500 in December 1990 to Daniel Renson through the BNY Mellon. She stayed in Austin first and then in St Louis for 23 months.

In March 1993, Peter Vaughan, a real estate tycoon known for his sex drive, had organized a party in which the keys to the cars of the men who came to the party were put in a box and a female guest was asked to take out a key and guess who the keys belonged to. After that the idea was to go between “the sheets” with that person.

During that party Inès was drunk. She was also allowed to fish a key out of the box, and did everything that was expected of her. She was so drunk that she started telling about a Rose Ballet (a party in total nakednes) that she had experienced in 1991 in Austin. She was talking about it to a group of guests who were also drunk. A bystander had recorded her excesses on a tape and passed it on to the lawyers of the opposing party. That tape still exists and in it she even says that she also has sex with dogs.

The lawyers started investigating their Belgian colleague in order to win their case at court. They came on track of compromising pictures of Inès Wouters in her bare suit while she was having sex with two men at the same time, as well as with girls who worked for Ghislaine Maxwell, but also with male teenagers. The photos come from a sensational photographer named Vince Mathis, from Los Angeles.

William Parker from Boston who worked in the construction company was also photographed with her. He was one of the men who had sex with her. 5 months later he died of HIV-Aids that he got from Inès Wouters. He was 32 years old

When Inès found out there was a tape and nude photos of her, she eliminated the two lawyers in a car accident involving the vehicles in which the two lawyers were driving. In the other vehicle was a woman with two young children. The cars caught fire in which a total of 5 victims were calculated. The car accident was classified as an ordinary “car accident”.

Please find more details in the extended version of this dossier which I addressed to His Excellency President-Elect Joe Biden to order the re-opening of the case and to request the extradition to the USA of Miss Inès Wouters for her responsibility in the murder 6 Americans.

Letter to the US President Elect Joe Biden: New evidence shows that on July 27, 1993, lawyers Bert Humphreys and Bill Stillerton were murdered, and not just killed in a car accident in Saint Louis

Please get in touch for more details, for questions and for further investigations.





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