New Information: the Banker Who Was Murdered in Londonderry Was Michel Foubault, a Board Member at Merrill Lynch

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For His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the Chairman of the Alwaleed Philanthropies


Allow me to remind you of many unsolved murders involving Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon, such as in Northern Ireland.

I am referring to the banker who accompanied Lucien Leuwenkroon to Londonderry in 1982, an article which I published on Medium on 5 June 2018, based on details of Mr Padraig O’Hanlon who died that same year.

I was able to continue the investigation with a retired soldier from the British Army who fought in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

How many Belgian victims died in the struggle in Northern Ireland between 1968 and 1999?

I got hold of the name of the banker who is Mr. Michel Foubault. He actually was not working for KBC Bank as was previously believed. He worked for Merrill Lynch in the USA and was on the board of directors at that bank. Though the two banks are linked through shares. Merrill Lynch brokers KBC Bank shares.

In addition, part of the KBC Group is the KBC Bank Ireland plc, a bank in Ireland with offices in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Belfast. It was established in 1972 as Irish Intercontinental Bank.

Mr. Michel Foubault has professional reasons to travel to Londonderry and Belfast, to negotiate on Belgian interests and to handle funds as a banker in that area. He was there for his job and there might be archives of correspondence still existing about the last business trip in his life, which could provide further clues about his murderers .

Mr. Michel Foubault was originally from Dudelange (Luxembourg) and he was 48 or 49 years old when he was murdered and burned to make his body unrecognizable.

The murder of the Luxembourg banker Michel Foubault would have taken place in 1989 instead of 1982, as reported previously by Mr Padraig O’Hanlon.

While reasoning on the circumstances of the death of Mr Michel Foubault and comparing the competences of this banker with the competences (of lack of it) with Lucien Leuwenkroon, we concluded that the two men are incompatible and that it was unlikely that a board member of the Merrill Lynch Bank would do business or have a conversation with Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon. That has set us to inquire if more people were involved in this murder.

Based on the list of crimes by François Leemans (who is Lucien Leuwenkroon), we noticed that Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon never travels alone for undertaking murderous business or any business because of his incompetence. That is why we questioned whether he was accompanied by someone all the more that the murder happened in Londonderry and that after they arrived at Shannon Airport in Ireland, each of the gentlemen travelled to Northern Ireland in a different direction. The banker went to Londonderry and Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon went to Belfast.

There was a second person involved in the murder of Merrill Lynch Banker Mr. Michel Foubault

An eyewitness would have revealed that Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon and Mr. Michel Foubault were accompanied by Mr. Hendrik VandenBosch from Waremme (Belgium). The latter is a fake identity for Mr Stephan Van Collem, who declared he comes from Eilat in Israël.

Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon himself would have travelled to Londonderry with a fake identity from Israël. He calls himself Jacques Rosenbaum, and in Israel he pretends to be a family member of Chaïm Rosenbaum. Chaïm Rosenbaum is a fake identity of someone from a Flemish family of entrepreneurs named “Vuylsteke”. Chaim Rosenbaum lives in Israêl.

Vuylsteke”. may indeed correspond with a transport company by the name Vuylsteke in Tournai who are specialized in the transport of petroleum. I witnessed “Vuylsteke” delivering fuel to the Red Cross asylum center in Tournai in Summer 2019.

On Petroleum Contracts with Nigeria

The detail that Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon pretends to be a family member of “Vuylsteke through Israel could be a very important clue for solving a recent murder for which answers are missing. It concerns the murder in Deurne (Antwerp) of business entrepreneur Luc Vuylsteke by an employee in his real estate construction business on September 1, 2017.

Mr Luc Vuylsteke happens to be a construction business associate and a friend to Mr Stephan Van Collum, who showed me the newspaper article on the trial of Mr.Tony Baldassarre, the murderer of Mr Luc Vuylsteke in front of a jury, Mr Luc Vuylsteke was shot through the head at close range with two bullets by Tony Baldassarre, on 1 September 2017, and Mr Stephan Van Collum declared to constitute a civil party in the trial of the murderer.

In 2017, Mr Stephan Van Collum came back to Belgium to warn the Belgian authorities about the lives of his associate Luc Vuylsteke and his own being threatened, and they did nothing to increase their security. “This resulted in a murder that could have been prevented,” he explained to me when he showed me the paper. Now, one wonders how the police and the justice system can protect someone from people employed in their business. Is there a record of this warning? If so, why did the authorities not follow up? Why didn’t the authorities follow the advice of Mr. Stephan Van Collem?

Michel Foubault was shot between the eyes

Digging further, I learned that Michel Foubault was shot between the eyes at close range by the man named Hendrik Vandenbosch, who is a false identity of a very young Belgian who had accompanied the banker and Lucien Leuwenkroon on the trip from Brussels to Londonderry.

Until we had this information, we thought that Lucien Leuwenkroon was Michel Foubault’s killer based on the alleged accident in the Mamora forest in Morocco in March 1990, in which Sergeant Ali Ben Said was shot in the forehead, between the eyes ( similar to Mr. Michel Foubault), during a delivery of arms that were not approved by Lucien Leuwenkroon, who has a responsibility in international trade in general, including arms. In this case, Colonel Vincent Deprêtre was presented as the killer, but as this colonel is very powerful in Morocco, it could be that he is covering up for Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon, which is our provisional conclusion until other clues appear. This is why we first thought that Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon would have done the same thing to Mr. Michel Foubault in Northern Ireland.

Is there a Colonel Vincent Deprêtre in the Royal Moroccan Army?

While Lucien Leuwenkroon is a dark-haired man who could be mistaken for a Mediterranean man, Hendrik Vandenbosh is quite the opposite. Mr. Hendrik Vandenbosch has been described as having light brown hair, a long, pointed nose and a moustache, which makes him comparable to suspect number 19 of the Brabant killer gang

Here is a very old sketch which was made by witnesses in Londonderry of Hendrik Vandenbosch. Strangely enough a Taliban submitted exactly the same sketch for a person wanted in Afghanistan named Mustapha Ibn Daoud.

The picture on the left is presumably Hendrik Vandenbosch. The picture on the right is suspect N° 19 of the gang of Brabant Killers. These pictures will be removed as soon as they constitute a copyright infringement for the original author of whom the name is unknown.

When we place this next to suspect #19 of the Brabant Killer gang that shows a lot of similarities. This brings us closer to the probable killer who could be a certain Hendrik Vandenbosch from Waremme.

Letter to HE Prime Minister Naftali Bennett: Stephan Van Collem could be a false identity and possibly a member of the Brabant killer gang

Based on the family tree we did not find a Hendrik Vandenbosch in Belgium, but we did discover that Hendrik Vandenbosch is also a false identity. This name belongs to a family from the south of the Netherlands, whose spelling has been changed by the Belgian fraudster. Hendrik van den Bosch lived from 1713 to 1798.

The use of names of deceased persons might be a recurrent modus operandi in Belgium. We have drawn the same conclusion about the name Stephan Van Collem, who uses the name of a family which was totally exterminated in 1943. You will find more details in an inquiry letter to His Excellency Naftali Bennett, the Prime Minister of Israel about Mr. Stephan Van Collem.

The three sketches have also been associated with a Belgian man named Mr Bernard Crepin, a shareholder of Heidelberg Cement who is currently being searched for his involvement in the construction of mass graves in Bosnia. We are still in the process of checking if Mr Crepin has been to Londonderry during the troubles. Mr Crepin features in a blog article about Leemans Transport in which the delivery of the concrete for the mass graves in Bosnia is described.

The murder of Michel Foubault is comparable to what happened to Luc Vuylsteke, except that in the case of the Luxermbourg banker, they set fire to his body, to make the man unidentifiable.

Mr Stephan Van Collem, under the name Mustapha Ibn Daoud, is wanted by the Taliban in Afghanistan, in the context of the burning alive of 5 Afghan men and in the context of manslaughter with HIV of three Afghan women who were his wives.

5 Belgians flew to Afghanistan to attend the burning to death of 5 Afghans, on 12 September 2007

The Secret Accounts Confirm Activity in 1989

The new evidence that a bullet was fired at close range may help us identify Michel Foubault’s body and proceed with DNA testing in order to return the body to his family.

The Foubault family disposes of the exact travel date and the date of disappearance of Michel Foubault.

The secret accounts of Lucien Leuwenkroon are revealing a high number of bank accounts with fake identities in 1989 and none at all so far, in 1982. That is a partial confirmation that the killing of the Merrill Lynch banker happened in 1989.

We also have found secret accounts for Mr. Hendrik Vandenbosch, and the elimination of the banker happened during the Summer. I have highlighted in acid green the secret accounts that were created by both Mr. Hendrik Vandenbosh and Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon during the Summer of 1989, towards which may have gone the money and other assets (like bonds) which Mr Michel Foubault carried with him in a suitcase.

We have no knowledge of the exact amount for which the banker was killed. Please find an overview of the secret accounts for both Mr. Hendrik Vandenbosh and Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon in 1989:

The period in which the killing happened of the Merrill Lynch board member Michel Foubault

Both Belgians have as many secret accounts each in 1989, which might indicate complicity in 50/50 deals, they may share with each other not only this crime, but al along many other crimes, such as the human trafficking of women from Thailand and the prostitution slavery in the Moroccan tourism industry. This too is something which Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon is incapable of doing on his own, while Hendrik Vandenbosch has (under yet a different name) a world wide network of women organizations in the West that deal with development cooperation programs for women in the South. The Toyota Hilux jeeps were probably purchased and shipped through the women organizations, which I will elaborate in one of the next publications on Medium.

Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon is the president of the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Casablanca (Morocco) which is exclusively dedicated to the trafficking of human beings. Both men may share the Lavazza coffee business, or the coffee business in general which they use for covering up the drugs trade.

Rumor has it that Lavazza is a coffee company that was actually created by Peter Rombouts in Italy to launder money from criminal activities. Hence the name Lavazza. He appointed his friend Lucien Leuwenkroon to run the company, as he is easy to manage as his puppet. The existence of a family named Lavazza that would have founded the Lavazza company 100 or more years ago is a complete hoax, as are the names Stephan Van Collem and Hendrik Vandenbosch, all of which are fantasy names for Peter Rombouts.

Peter Rombouts is the boss of bouwbedrijf Rombouts BV, and this could be the company through which Peter Rombouts (alias Stephan Van Collem) is associated with Luc Vuylsteke, who was killed by an employee of his company named Tony Baldassarre, who was paid under the table, and no one knows which of the two associates paid him precisely. Mr. Tony Baldassarre was a paramilitary commando, i.e. a soldier in the army who has the habit of using weapons and killing human beings.

This brings us to the military field and much closer to the case of the Mamoora forest in Morocco, as well as the military training that Peter Rombouts had in the Israeli army under the false name of Stephan Van Collem who practiced shooting at real people, who are Palestinians. He has more competence and confidence than Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon in the use of firearms. The Taliban could confirm or invalidate the thesis.

Lavazza coffee could well be a daughter company of Rombouts coffee, especially since Lavazza has a worldwide distribution network of coffee shops. Neither is listed on the stock exchange, perhaps to avoid the discovery of this relationship, which could eventually lead to Mr Peter Rombouts.

There is a world of difference between Hendrik Vandenbosch (who is Stephan Van Collem) and Lucien Leuwenkroon. Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon did not go to school much compared to Mr Stephan Van Collem who is a highly qualified business and software engineer, who owns a lot more companies including in the United Kingdom, and who is well connected with the banking industry, compared to the rest of the gang of Brabant Killers.

The similarity is in a genetically defined predisposition to violence, hatred and racism and both men are natural HIV carriers.

The Small World of Lucien Leemans

I think it’s time to get to the truth of this case and solve it. We owe answers to the relatives of Michel Foubault who may never have known what exactly happened to the man, who the people were who last saw him, who they should sue and who they could force compensation from. Let it be a very huge one. Until then, this investigation will not be finished.

My suggestion would be to file for justice with the victims of 9/11, 2001 in New York, given that the Merrill Lynch Bank where Mr Michel Foubault was working is located in New York and given that he also was burnt like the thousands of other victims of the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center, of which Mr. Stephan Van Collem was the financier.

For more, please read my recent letter to His Excellency Joe Biden, the President of the United States:

A letter for the President of the USA: Peter Rombouts was at the scene of the attacks on the Twin Towers which he witnessed live in New York on September 11, 2001

I shall be a witness à charge against the killers of Michel Foubault and against the financiers of the 1/11 2001 attacks in New York, and make sure they get the severest punishment in the world. They were fiercely tough with me. I will be ruthless with them.

There was a third person involved in the murder

His official name is Daniel Renson. Two days before the execution of Michel Foubault, he was in Londonderry under the fake name Philippe Galois from Vincennes (France). He would have travelled from Brussels with British Airways. He remained in Londonderry for another 2 days ager the death of Michel Foubault. He would have stayed at the 3 Mermaids, a pub held by Sean O’Donnough, who is still alive. Renson called himself Jean-Jacques Dubroeil from Gedinnes in Belgium.

Meanwhile, may I request your help to move and to go home, or to a place that I can call home, because I am in the stronghold of the Brabant killers where I can’ be of service to the world in an optimal way.

The Killers Who Revamped Themselves To Leading Business Executives and Academics, To Never Be Found

Please Help Me Go Home

I humbly thank you, Your Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Chairman of the Alwaleed Philanthropies, for your attention and in advance for your support.

Salam fi rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Yours sincerely,




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