5 Belgians flew to Afghanistan to attend the burning to death of 5 Afghans, on 12 September 2007

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For His Royal Highness Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar

In the context of Qatar’s efforts to position Doha as a key mediator, I have the honor to address to you war crimes that happened in Afghanistan which require explanations particularly from the Taliban:

From 9 to 13 September 2007 some members of the Brabant Killers gang and their friends were in Afghanistan.

On September 9, 2007, Mr Stephan Van Collem was already in Kabul for his trafficking in women in Afghanistan through NGOs such as Caritas International, the Afghan Red Crescent. UNICEF was allegedly also involved. Stephan worked there on his trade of course under a false identity. He used the name George Temple, from Monaco.

However, in the milieu of the Taliban he was known as Mustapha Ibn Daoud, an he is currently wanted in Afghanistan.

On the same day, but much later, the other members of the Brabant Killers gang and their friends arrived, including Ines Wouters who travelled to Afghanistan with a false Canadian passport under the name Suzanne Lacroix from Quebec; Princess Jacqueline de Croÿ used a false Luxembourg passport with the name Josiane Bourgeois from Esch, Mr George De Kock used the false French identity Georges Petit Feu from Versailles, and Joseph Gheysens flew to Kabul under the false French identity Louis Georges from Le Havre.

They would have flown with Turkish Airlines from Brussels Airport via Istanbul to Kabul.

They were invited by the notorious Taliban leader Mollah Mohammed Omar to attend an execution of traitors to Al Qaeda.

Present as interpreter was a Frenchman who has been living in Afghanistan since February 5, 1967. His name is Mr. Philippe Montagne, he is originally from Paris 13th and he works in construction on contracts with the World Bank. He was a good friend of the Taliban and especially of Mollah Omar.

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One possible witness to this friendship could be the Moroccan Malika El Aroud, who is being held in the prison at Saint-Gilles. She was the wife of the Belgian Tunisian, Moez Garsallaoui, one of the perpetrators, ordered by Al Qaeda, of the attack which cost the life of General Ahmad Shah Massoud on 9 September 2001. The attack was carried out on the orders of the Taliban commander-in-chief, Mollah Omar. She might be able to provide more information on Mustapha Ibn Daoud.

The Frenchman Philippe Montagne communicated with the financiers of all those attacks, who could well be his employers at the World Bank, and that is the link between Al Qaeda and Europe that all Islamic countries were looking for because they are accused of financing extremist violence.

So the Frenchman was the interpreter because he could speak Urdu and Mollah Omar didn’t know any other languages to consult with his Western financiers. Mollah Omar needed him to act as an interpreter between him and Al Qaeda.

The fighters of Mollah Omar had taken 5 Afghans prisoners. They were all men between 18 and 54 years old. They were members of Al Qaeda and they would have betrayed their colleagues, without anyone explaining exactly what that betrayal meant. What could an 18 year old man, for example, who still has to learn everything, do wrong? Their execution was apparently of great importance to the gang of Brabant Killers who wanted to be present.

On September 12, 2007, Mr Stephan Van Collem and his companions went to the execution which took place 10 to 15 km outside Kabul.

The prisoners were locked in a wooden shed, where they could not get out. Both their hands were tied to the wall. The nose was free but the mouth was glued shut.

The Al Qaeda men went into the shed and they poured gasoline all over the floor and on the walls. Then they all went outside, and one of the Al Qaeda men returned briefly to leave the door open.

He asked the 3 foreign visitors who are male to fire a shot at the fuel on the floor, and they did. The first was George De Kock who is a gun designer himself and knows well how to start fires with firearms. The second was Joseph Gheysens, and the last was Stephan van Collem who, without hesitation, fired a shot into the barn, at the fuel.

Together with the two Belgian women they kept watching the blazing fire until the barn was completely burnt down and the 5 Afghan men were charred.

It is clear that their execution was of importance to the gang of Brabant Killers and their friends, otherwise they would not take the trouble to travel so far to one of the most dangerous places in the world, except to ensure the death of these so-called traitors.

The question that remains open and that the Belgian police should ask all the Belgians who were present at that execution, is what did those 5 Afghans do? What or who (by name) did they betray and to whom? They would have betrayed members of Al Qaeda, but who exactly are we talking about?

They were reportedly convicted by an Al Qaeda court martial that sentenced them, playing judge, jury and executioner alike. Who was in that court martial? Who conducted the interrogation of the suspects, and especially whose decision was it to kill these 5 Afghans in that way? Were trial reports drawn up, and do verdicts exist somewhere with those sentences? Was there a trial or none at all? Without these legal formalities, we cannot speak of an execution but of a fivefold murder.

What we do know is that there was a professional legal expert present, and that was the attorney at the Brussels Bar, miss Inès Wouters. What was her role in this court martial? She may have worked in Afghanistan without a work permit and with a false passport.

There was also a human rights organisation present, which is the fund of Princesses Jacqueline de Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti.

The press should interview these people and the Taliban to know more about that horrible execution. Perhaps Malika El Aroud knows something about it too, given that she and her defunct husband are members of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

I have not been given details about the identity of those 5 Afghans, and I ask the International Community and the Qatari mediators to help us identify together with the Taliban, the 5 Afghans, to find the bodies and return them to their families, and to find other witnesses of that execution.

I am a witness against each of the 5 Belgians who attended the execution, with the intention of placing the full responsibility for this arbitrary execution ( in my opinion) on the 5 Belgians and their French translator, and to support a judicial investigation into the financing of the detention, torture and this horrible execution, to confirm this responsibility on the 5 Belgians and their French translator, because the same 5 Belgians also financed my arbitrary detention in December 1990, my being arrested, being subjected to long and violent interrogations, being imprisoned, the trials against me and my being convicted, which in total took 8 years.

There was in addition, an unsolved murder committed against Mrs. Denise Janssens, who was addressed by 2 members of the Group Diane whom she had described in her statements as a very large and a small gentleman. I remember very vaguely that she had spoken to me about this, and that the smaller gentleman was a blonde. He could well be Mr Stephan Van Collem while the tall one was probably Joseph Gheysens. The assassination of the 5 Afghan men shows that these men are capable of atrocities against humanity.

I will therefore apply for the highest punishment under the Sharia rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan for the 5 Belgians.

I thank you deeply for your cooperation, Your Royal Highness Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar.





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