Miss Ghislaine Maxwell Allegedly Received 25 000 USD to Keep the Death of a 12-years Old Sex Slavery Victim Silent

7 min readDec 21, 2022

The Honorable Mr Karim A.A. Khan, Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Your Reference: OTP-CR-322/13

With reference to the decision of 15 July 2020 by the Federal District Court in Manhattan to deny bail to Miss Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s associate who is accused of recruiting, grooming and abusing teenagers in her prostitution network, I would like to submit for verification the following information concerning two Belgians who would have sexually abused two teenagers reportedly from the sex network which is led by Miss Ghislaine Maxwell:

On 17 Feb 1995, Mr Peter Rombouts (who will be referred to as Stephan Van Collem) was in Richmond county in the USA, and he ordered a girl of 14 years of age from Ghislaine Maxwell’s network. She reportedly was offering these “services” with underaged people all over the USA, I was told here in Belgium. A client like Jos Delcroix would request her to find a Black girl, an Asian or a European girl. She would have a chauffeured car deliver the girl to the client. The same car takes the girl back to the head office after the “service” is over.

Mr Stephan Van Collem was allegedly sent a very young girl of 14 named Jilly Robertson who was born to Sam Robertson, from American parents who live in Baton Rouge. Jilly’s skin was tanned and she was a runaway girl; She fell in the network while waiting at the bus station. She was looking for a home and she followed someone who belongs to the network, and who knows how to entrap an under-aged girl.

Jilly Robertson survived the violent sex with Stephan Van Collem that day, which happened in the house of Jennifer Withmore a woman who works for Ghislaine Maxwell. Shortly after she lost blood and she was brought to a hospital in Richmond County in South Carolina. Stephan was using a false name and passport. He called himself Jeffrey Wright and he had a fake British passport, and he would be born in Liverpool.

It would be worth a while to retrieve the hospital file concerning Jilly Robertson to observe the sexual violence which was allowed in the network of Miss Susan Atkinson and Ghislaine Maxwell against under-aged people.

Susan works directly under the leadership of Miss Ghislaine Maxwell. In Europe, Miss Anette Nieuwehuyse, who is from Den Helder in the Nehterlands, works for Susan Atkinson. After Miss Ina Valstar fled to Belgium around 1983, her entire prostitution network in the Netherlands was taken over by Miss Anette Nieuwehuyse. It is through this network that they make an order to be delivered sex workers each time they visit the United States of America.

On that same day Miss Nicole Michiels was traveling with her husband under a fake identity which is Susan Wright. She also pretended to be born in Liverpool. But strangely enough they were flying in from Belgium and returning to Belgium, not to the UK with American Airlines.

Nicole Michiels was delivered a girl of 12 years old, also with a light brown skin, like Jilly Robertson. Actually she was her younger sister named Jenny Robertson.

Nicole would have used a dildo to rape the 12 year old girl to the point of ripping the girl in two pieces, causing a cut which was reaching her belly, like you would rip a piece of cloth in two. The rape happened in a separate room than her husband.

I didn’t understand why Nicole called the emergency when she observed the girl bleeding a lot. The reason why I didn’t understand is that Nicole Michiels has killed so many people before, including children for which she hired cleaners, who she paid a lot of money, and now suddenly she decides to involve the emergency service, to rescue this victim which is something that indeed could backfire on her.

The emergency team noticed an unspeakable horrid and they thought there was something not normal. They first took the girl to the hospital given the urgent nature of the situation, then they called the sheriff’s office once at the hospital.

The sheriff and his team came to the hospital to see the girl. Then they went to the house where Stephan Van Collem and Nicole Michiels were staying. They were interrogated. Then Stephan and Nicole were taken to the sheriff’s office where Stephan claimed his right to make one phone call. He called up a member of a Republican party whose name is Bill Murphy and he was from Wisconsin, Shortly after, the sheriff received a phone call to let the two so-called Brits go home.

Mr and Mrs Wright traveled to the USA with 75 000 USD in cash. They paid in cash 50 000 USD to Jennifer Withmore to “cover the medical costs for the two victims”, and that was it. The next day the two Belgians left for Belgium, not Liverpool, of course.

I received two versions of the same story. In one version, I learned that Jenny Robertson died in the hospital in Richmond county on 17 February 1995.

Another source reported that the young Jenny was pronounced dead three days after the facts, on 20 February at 21:48 H.

The case of Jilly and Jenny Robertson were closed without further action. They did not bother to investigate anything anymore.

Ghislaine Maxwell knows about the case of Jill and Jenny Robertson in Richmond county, and she learned about the death of Jenny. A few weeks after the event Miss Maxwell would have received 25 000 USD through her colleague Jennifer Withmore in Richmond county through the Bank of New York.

I am requesting a reopening of the investigation in the context of the war in Ukraine where the two Belgians travelled to at least once in 2022, from 12 to 24 February 2022, on the day when the war in Ukraine started. Besides military artillery, rapes such as the once described above are also used as a weapon of war by these individuals who are also shareholders of weapons manufacturer FN America in Herstal (Belgium). The rapes by foreigners of underaged indviduals must be viewed as an act of war against the people of the United States of America.

Both perpetrators collaborated in bringing about the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, in which the training of the 9/11 pilots was financed by Peter Rombouts.

To give an idea on how he looks like, allow me to paste his public transport pass with his picture on it, which was paid for him by the Belgian welfare called OCMW Dam (Public Center for Social Welfare), which he obtained under the fake identity of Stephan Van Collem.

The role of Nicole Michiels could be related to the Red Cross in New York and elsewhere, including in Belgium where she is reputed with certain refugees at asylum centers of the Belgian Red Cross. She therefore could be the person who may have provided International Red Cross travel passes as well as first aid accreditation passes of the American Red Cross to like this one the entire gang of Brabant killers (see below) + Geert Leysen, her highness princess Jacqueline de Croÿ and Attorney Ines Wouters.

The Killers Who Revamped Themselves To Leading Business Executives and Academics, To Never Be Found

For more I am referring to another report entitled “Stephan Van Collem paid $850,000 for the pilot schooling of the terrorists, 173 days before the attacks on September 11, 2001

Miss Nicole Michiels is one of the only members of the Brabant killers gang with the most frequent presence on US territory, the State of New York in particular. She is an executive director at Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) pharmaceutical company where she became an authority in HIV-Aids clinical research, and an authority in racism as well, which I can testify because I briefly worked in her department at MSD.

Here is how you can recognize her:

MSD has offices in West Point and in New Jersey in New York State. Through her job she may have expanded her influence locally in the USA through the Red Cross.

The International Criminal Court should take this Red Cross element into consideration for the investigations of the 6.6 million of deaths by Covid 19 in the world to date.

Thank you, Honorable Mr Karim A.A. Khan, Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, for your kind attention. I will get back to you as soon as I have more details.

Yours sincerely,





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