Stephan Van Collem paid $850,000 for the pilot schooling of the terrorists, 173 days before the attacks on September 11, 2001

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For His Excellency Joe Biden, the President of the United States,1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA

Enclosed is a letter for you concerning a witness of the 9/11 attacks in 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York, who the press and the police should interrogate for important clues which may solve the riddle on how and why the attack happened.

Letter to the President of the USA

Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing on 9/11, 2001, when the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York took place. I remember that I was at the office with Ariane II, a French software consulting company, making jokes and gigglin gwith a colleague. It was around 2 PM in the afternoon.

After a quiet moment he said “an airplane with passengers inside just hit a skyscraper in New York”. I lifted my head away from the screen to see if it was one of his jokes. He read in my eyes that I didn’t believe him and said “it is true”… I knew that this was the beginning of a long war against… the Muslims, as soon as I learned about Al Qaeda being behind the attacks. We were numerous Moroccans working in that company and we all thought “they are going to finish us off”.

People Thought I Was Working With Ariane the Rocket. The Investors Probably Too

What were you doing on 9/11, 2001?” is a question which the CIA and the FBI should ask to any suspect, including the Belgian gang of Brabant Killers, which includes a new face. It is the face of Mr Stephan Van Collem (the one wearing a hat in the illustration below). His profile will soon be completed:

The Killers Who Revamped Themselves To Leading Business Executives and Academics, To Never Be Found

Stephan Van Collem travelled as Guillaume Severijns, from Sint Pieters Leeuw to New York, a few days before the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. He travelled to New York JFK Airport with American Airlines from Brussels Airport in Zaventem via London Heathrow on 9 September 2001.

During that trip to New York, he would have used several false identities, such as the name he used for traveling to the USA, Guillaume Severijns, but also Gilbert Vermeulen from Ixelles, Louis Lambeau from Sint Joost Ten Noode, Pierre Hautekiet from Wervik, a town in Belgium known for the tobacco industry.

He stayed for about 3 days with Samuel Rogers, until two days after the attacks. Sam Rogers was then about 29 years old and he still lives in the Bronx where he works for the Colombo mafia.

During those first two days before the attacks, he was in contact with an American Muslim. This was a Syrian who was born Mohamed Al-Bakr, who changed his name to Michael Chalmers, from Austin Texas. He died of cancer on April 18, 2015. He would have known Stephan Van Collem by the name of Sam Walkers from Baton Rouge.

Michael Chalmers is someone who helped sponsor the pilot schooling for the terrorists in the United States, which took place 173 days before the attacks on September 11, 2001.

The training took place in Richland County, South Carolina. Stephan Van Collem would have paid 850 000 USD for the training of the suicide pilots. Michael Chalmers would have contributed as much, The sum includes the cost of training, the housing and the false American identities and passports for the suicide pilots who were from Muslim countries.

For that payment, Stephan Van Collem allegedly used a Morgan Chase account under the name Clint Perkins, from San Diego, which he created on Dec 7, 2000, and on which there is a current total of 102,988,677 USD, The payment occurred some 173 days before the attacks,. He wanted to see Michael Chalmers because he suspected the Syrian of defrauding him of the charges.

I am witness to exactly the same accusatory attitude of Stephan Van Collem who, with respect to the management of CAW (Centrum voor Algemeen Welzijn, the night shelter organization), calls everyone fraudsters, including all lawyers, bar associations and the Belgian political parties.

Stephan Van Collem would have experienced the attacks on the Twin Towers live on September 11, 2001. He was in New York together with Mr. Peter Rombouts, another well-known Fleming who was also an eye witness of those attacks. He has seen Stephan smiling delightfully while listening to music from an MP3 player. He was playing Blowin` In The Wind by Bob Dylan. According to the court bailiff Dirk Duflou, Mr Peter Rombouts holds 12.5% of the shares in the family enterprise Rombouts Coffee.

Stephan Van Collem allegedly volunteered with the American Red Cross under the false American identity James Corbin from San Francisco.

He would have used a pass that more or less looks like this one

He wanted to be directly involved in the search for the fatalities. He was turned away by a lieutenant of the New York Fire Department.

This is a Red Cross ambulance in front of the asylum center of the Belgian Red Cross in Tournail which defies the EU emergency number 112. Red Cross has reasons of their own for using 105

Then he tried to get into one of the hospitals as a volunteer where all the victims (the wounded and the dead) ended up. He worked his way into a position thanks to a first aid pass with the false identity James Corbin. He rode along with a local Red Cross ambulance driver named John Corbeau, from New York. He was transporting victims from Bellevue Hospital to Presbyterian NY Hospital. Stephan Van Collem’s real interest was to sell the organs of the American people. He would have “helped” for 7 days.

“Our real enemy is not the neighboring nation, it is hunger, cold, misery, routine, superstition”, would have said Henry Dunant, the presumable founder of the the Red Cross, who probably was an Enemy himself like Stephan.

During those 7 days Mr Stephan Van Collem stayed with a friend called Jennifer Masters from New York who is still alive. She was an operator of a beauty salon used as a platform for human trafficking. She’s still alive and she might remember how he looks like. He is wanted in Afghanistan for intentional HIV infection. Here is a sketch from a taliban:

Wanted for burning alive 5 Afghans

Because Osama Bin Laden had claimed responsibility for the attacks in New York, the FBI and CIA looked no further in another direction and Stephan Van Collem had escaped the attention.

Meanwhile a travel ban was issued against travelers from all Arab and Muslim countries. Stephan Van Collem as a Belgian could safely travel back to his country, without problems. His return journey was on September 23, 2001 under the same false Belgian identity of Guillaume Severijns.

Reportedly there were other members of the gang of Killers of Brabant, and I am still gathering clues on who precisely was in New York too on the day of the attacks. Better yet, the CIA and FBI should ask each of them directly, sooner rather than later.

The travel ban prevented the Arabs and Muslims from free movement. In addition to this and the existing racism, the choice to target a World Trade Center with banks, insurance companies and a large number of investors inside, was a deliberate choice with the intention of preventing investment funds from going to Arabs and Muslims, so that the human and drug trade would be the only way out for this group. The challenges to human development and growth were adding up, especially in the European Union. Even buying books or other items online became a challenge. I remember being called up to provide personal details for completing a purchase. Those attacks were used for violating the privacy of millions of Arabs and Muslims in the world.

As we can see from this story, Mr Stephan Van Collem has the extra funds available for awarding highly advanced training programs to people to get killed, and to kill other along the way. While the simple entrepreneur of migrant origin in Belgium never gets the money for growing his or her business.

It seems that the USA is being used as a fiscal paradise, and changing this would also make the USA a safer country to live in, in all aspects. Allow me to refer to a list of secret accounts that were created with fake identities in the USA. Allow me to include a general list of secret accounts held by the gang of Brabant killers including Peter Rombouts.

The secret bank accounts of a mafia in Belgium

For more information about Mr. Stephan Van Collem and Guillaume Severijns, please direct all your questions to Peter Rombouts of the construction company Rombouts BV.

Does anybody drink Rombouts Coffee in the USA? I definitely don’t and I will never buy that brand.

I do not think it is premature to advise my homeland Morocco to stop importing Rombouts Coffee, even though Peter Rombouts’ role in the September 11, 2001 attacks has yet to be verified.

Whether it is Rombouts or any other Belgian brand, since 2016 I have been advising to close the Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Casablanca for their role in human trafficking and illegal migration, and to support a Magrexit.

I will be back with more clues.

God bless you, PresidentJoe Biden. May God bless your wife and children, your entire family and the whole of the United States of America

Yours sincerely,





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