George De Kock intentionally drove over a bridge to fall in a river, to drown three Buddhist monks… for a few rubies

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For His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thekchen Choeling, Dharamsala, India

I have been sending around the pictures of the gang of Brabant killers to world leaders and organisations attending big conferences like Cop 26 in Glasgow. Three of them are in Glasgow at the @cop26. They’re called Gilbert Matthews born as George De Kock, Jean-Jacques Dubreuil born as Daniel Renson and Jacques Troisyeux born as Alfons Nuyts.

This article is about Mr George De Kock. He would presumably be the leader of the gang of Brabant killers, a Belgian criminal gang which was believed to be a very active organiser of terrorist attacks during the 1980ies causing deaths and injuries to masses of people , including in Belgium, but they were never found. They transformed themselves from brutal killers to polished business consultants.

The Killers Who Revamped Themselves To Leading Business Executives and Academics, To Never Be Found

Mr George De Kock could be one of them and he has been spotted in Glasgow based on a photo of his doppelganger, which was successfully used in a crime case related to blood diamonds in the Congo. He would have traveled to Scotland using a fake UK passport with the name Gilbert Matthews from Saint Merryn in England.

Letter to H.E. Joseph Kabila: Extreme hatred is when you make wild animals eat humans

Investigations show that he used this particular passport in 1988 for traveling to Tibet as well where he became very famous and curiously under his real name George De Kock.

Mr Saudis Dhanvi is a detective and crime reporter in Kathmandu. He informed me of the monstrosity of Mr. George De Kock in Tibet due to a spectacular car accident around 1988. He recognized him based on a photo of his doppelganger (on the left).

In this accident, Mr George De Kock was driving a Jeep, possibly a Toyota, which fell from a bridge and in which three Tibetan monks had drowned in the river.

Mr George De Kock himself would have stepped out of the vehicle he was driving like a miracle. Hence his fame throughout the Tibetan country. The accident and miraculous survival would have been published in the local newspapers, but I have not found any, so far.

Conflicting details stir doubts about George De Kock’s miraculous survival in Northern Ireland

I have obtained conflicting details about the same event from the Northern Irish sources who are much closer to George De Kock as he went to Belfast several times between 1980 and 1988 to join the IRA among other factions, and to sell weapons there. It evokes the probability that there is a direct connection between Northern Ireland and Tibet through this man.

They reported that it was not an accident in Tibet but that Mr. George De Kock had intentionally driven the car to the fall of a bridge over a river. He acted as if he had lost control of the car and he kept the door unlocked on his side, so he could escape after the fall.

The passengers’ doors remained locked so that the monks could not get out of the car as it sank deeper in the river. It was a leased car. Mr. De Kock knew how to go out and swam his way out of the river. The other occupants all perished.

Tibet, where the so-called accident happened

As the news spread locally that three monks perished, Mr. De Kock behaved as a survivor of a serious accident and thus escaped arrest, prosecution in Tibet (or the death penalty as in China). In Tibet, he was considered a miraculous survivor of a horrible car accident. He was flown back to Belgium, perhaps with the help of the embassy.

The objective was to collect rubies for free

A new study is needed to determine whether there was any premeditation, as the sources closer to him in Northern Ireland indicated that Mr. George De Kock had made this trip in the context of ruby gemstones that come from mines in Tibet. That explains what he was doing in that region.

Based on the secret accounts in foreing banks of Mr George De Kock, the revenues from the rubies transaction most likely went to the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in Tokyo (Japan) where he has a bank account under the fake identity of James Winchester from Salt Lake City (USA), which he opened on 7 March1989, and where at the end of last year he had 77,601,343.00 USD. That is money which should be returned to Tibet, and that is why I am addressing this letter to you, to work on this together.

This graph shows that the transaction may have served the financing of the unrest in Lebanon towards 1990

View also the full presentation about the secret accounts held by a Belgian mafia, which makes that we need Cop26 conferences to have governments invest in climate issues rather than in the development of humanity. Disasters are financed through these secret accounts leaving us to wonder why calamity happens so often nowadays.

The secret bank accounts of a mafia in Belgium (français — español — Nederlands)(13 Sept 2021 update)

There is question of a premeditated act

The same sources indicated that the passenger doors of the car in question only opened from the outside. The impossibility of opening the doors from the inside seems part of a calculation and that the car had been prepared accordingly beforehand.

This means that the Tibetan monks were actually murdered because they witnessed a transaction involving ruby gemstones, of which the value was not specified.

This case in Tibet is linked to the case of the theft of diamonds in Kivu because it is a case concerning precious stones that are apparently used to finance wars.

The two cases have Belgium in common, but indirectly they also have in common Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon of Kroon Diamonds and Mr Francis Vermeiren, the president of the Municipal Holding Company. This Municipal Holding Company and former Mayor of Zaventem is the shareholder of FN in Herstal, a company with which the name George De Kock is associated, as he is a firearms designer with FN and Browning.

George De Kock is searched for in the USA

Mr George De Kock is also suspected of the murder in the USA of Marlon Williams on December 11, 2001, in New York. By the end of that year, his wife Angela Shaw had narrowly escaped death in a serious car accident in New York City.

The American detective who detailed to me this case explained that the car that collided with Ms. Shaw’s car had a Tennessee license plate. Nothing prevents me from suspecting her husband George De Kock and his conspiracy to eliminate Angela Shaw because she would know too much, not only about Marlon Williams’ death, but about many other serious incidents.

In addition, she is a lawyer at Harvard Law School, the same school that produced and defined the careers of the Barack and Michelle Obama couple. It was probably this element as well as American nationality that weighed in the decision of the Belgian Mr. George De Kock to marry Mrs. Angela Shaw.

It was not for love but for material reasons, such as the diamond trade. If he has made children, it is probably so that he can invest money in their names, perhaps without their knowledge. View his secret accounts in foreign countries for which I am requesting the immediate suspension.

If the American police didn’t catch him, it is because of the fake names and fake passports which he uses that he was not yet caught, just like the rest of the gang of Brabant killers.

Furthermore, given that we know where Mr George De Kock can be found today, I request the Tibetan police to have the man arrested in the context of the intentional drowning of the 3 monks and that he be delivered to the Tibetan justice immediately. As a possible member of the Brabant killers gang Mr George De Kock seems to have outsmarted the investigators to the point of escaping all the time. This time is different.

It would really help if the Tibetan police would issue an international arrest warrant againt Mr George De Kock for looting Tibet of natural resources and for the suspected murder of three monks.

I thank you and the Tibetan police and press for your help in bringing this serial killer to justice.

God bless you .

Yours sincerely,





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