A Witness Against Zaventem

4 min readApr 20, 2016

Your Majesty King Philippe of Belgium,


The terrorist attacks at the Brussels airport and metro of 22 March 2016, are bringing Belgium on a new path. I am now more determined than ever to do something about the Islamist terrorism, in a way which might surprise you : I am denouncing the fact that Belgium tried to make of me a Syria fighter.

Previously today, I have addressed a letter to Clifford Chance, in which I expressed my full engagement to get to the bottom of the problem with the help of Clifford Chance and the Moroccan Business Lawyers Association. The difference between the other kamikaze and me is not only that I am still alive. It is that I have been listening to myself and doing what was feeling right for me to do. Would it sound like not respecting the authorities of your country, if I say that I don’t listen to them ? Do they listen to anybody ?

Seen from a financial view point, they don’t. I decided to reveal everything I know about this problem, to allow you to tackle extremism in an efficient way, together with all of us. We need everyone, including you, Your Majesty King Philippe. On my website, I have vowed my commitment in helping the Kingdom of Belgium in resolving the attacks of 22 March 2016.

I have a method which I used for financial risk control and it might be helpful in solving ordinary criminality as well as terrorism. I am sharing the basic priniciples in Allah Ghaleb. Allah Ghaleb is a handbook about this enterprise skill that I am developing for helping governments, banks, businesses and Heads of State identify their enemies. For finding them I apply the DNA-Business-Finance analysis method, which is a technique for real-time observation of the three dimensions (DNA-Business-Finance) during industrial activity or in project management. It was originally conceived for the prospective financial analysis and for financial risk calculations for preventing the bankruptcy of the projects and the companies. For more about the DNA-Business-Finance click here.

With this method, I identified the leader of an international network of crooks living in Morocco. It also helped identify the crooks in Belgium who are behind the theft of innovative business plans to combat the very high unemployment of the ethnic minorities in Europe, for which I started raising funds in 2005. The plans were used by the thieves for raising money with the governments, the companies and the foundations in various countries, and for organizing the terrorist groups like Islamic State. That is what my book “Allah Ghaleb” is describing in details.

In the same book, I project the financial losses which the network of crooks caused to my country Morocco, to Belgium, the host country where I live, to my family at large, and to several investment companies around the world. In fact my book aims to advise on how to defeat the Enemy. It will make of Belgium one of the most important countries in the world.

I have been preparing this book as a response to an attempted blackmail against the Royal House of Morocco, by two French journalists Eric Laurent and Catherine Graciet, on Monday, August 31, 2015. They want 3 million Euro or they will publish a book that reveals state secrets, with the intention to destabilize the Kingdom of Morocco. Given that the news sources indicated that the two journalists were not the masterminds behind the blackmail, I think the brain behind the threat to the Kingdom of Morocco is André Azoulay. I will get back to you about him when I discuss the Morocco problem in one of upcoming episodes of my letter in which I witness against the municipality of Zaventem.

The reason why I do all this is because my image has been tarnished by the simple fact of living in Belgium. It all happened in the context of radicalization. I was exposed to violence which comes from the Belgian people. I want to to guarantee the security of the Moroccan people and to raise the image of my country as well. I am also offering my help in the context of Islam, a religion which is misunderstood and which the Enemy uses for confusion you.

Please stay tuned on my blog. I will keep you informed about any further step that I am taking inside the Kingdom of Belgium.

Yours faithfully,





I am an enterprise and a project controls analyst. I develop collaborative enterprise systems and I am investment adviser for a group of Oriental Investors.