The fatal stab that caused Gloria Downes’ death was the knife that Daniel Renson hatefully stabbed through her vagina from the underbelly to her chest

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For His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, theChairman of the Alwaleed Philanthropies


I have the honor to share with you and the Alwaleed Philanthropies the conclusion of my research on the KPN-Orange versus Belgacom case of 2000, which I shared with you in the analysis and audit report concerning the Kingdom Foundation of 19 February 2008.

The key-person who engineered the summons against KPN-Orange with insider data is Mr Alfons Nuyts, the manager who fired me. His plan was to raise the necessary funds for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. Perhaps he was raising money through his job for supporting international terrorism, ever since he started working at KPN-Orange, and that was in 1998.

History of Alfons Nuyts Financial Behavior (read history clock-wise)

His secret accounts show that he was very busy making plans for the 9/11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, perhaps in the context of a loan for European Hotel Ventures Belgium from the Lehman Brothers Bank (which was in one of the Twin Towers) to develop the hotel industry, and that the fines for KPN-Orange were possibly needed to pay suicide bombers to direct a commercial airline loaded with people and explosives perhaps in diplomatic pouches which may include fake Saudi passports, on both Twin Towers. While that was happening Alfons Nuyts was giving instructions to the banks to open accounts and to transfer big sums to them.

He needed around 10.5 million USD which is a plausible amount to prepare and finance the attack, which was not done for free. 10.5 million USD is around 360 million Belgian francs, which is the amount requested on the summons against KPN-Orange. For further information, please read my letter to Orange:

It Turns Out The Summons Against Kpn-Orange Was A Hoax

When I saw Alfons Nuyts for the first time, I thought he had a face of an assassin. he has fangs of a vampire, identical as one can find under the form of toys for Halloween. He has a voice that sounds like thunder, and his laughter is really scary.

Despite the intuitive warnings, I accepted the job because I wanted to get involved in telecommunications for transforming the Arab countries. I never trusted Alfons Nuyts one second. So, I was watching my back all the time.

Through research I found evidence that my feelings are not far from the truth. Alfons Nuyts often travels abroad for killing people, for drinking their blood and for eating their flesh.

Alfons Nuyts and his friend Daniel Renson travelled to the USA on 2 October 1997 to Richland County in South Carolina. If this area of the USA is reputed for one of the highest crime rates, then there must be a logical reason for this, which has remained undetected, so far.

They left Belgium from Brussels Airport on 29 September 1997 with American Airlines. Both men reportedly used fake US passports. Alfons Nuyts travelled as Georges Haines, who would be from Orlando. Daniel Renson travelled under the name William Coalbridge from Salt lake City. They flew to Washington DC. There, they took the train to South Carolina.

Getting to “Yes”

The reason for the trip was to buy into 13 Stripes Brewery, an important brewery in South Carolina. They took a little cash to spend during the trip and they paid everything else with a Visa card under the name Jeff Franklin, but the actual card holder is Daniel Renson and I have my questions on the signature which Daniel Renson used for getting the payments accepted.

On 2 October 1997, they had a meeting with the owners of 13 Stripes Brewery in which Daniel Renson and Alfons Nuyts were trying to buy 10 % of the shares. To get a “yes”, Daniel Renson was not relying on his negotiation skills, but he would have transferred 5 million USD from his account at the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), to the bank account of the brewery, a few hours ahead of the meeting.

The bank transfer was done on 1 october 1997, under the fake US identity of Daniel Brown from Atlantic City in New Jersey, where a lot of mafia families are apparently concentrated, and that is one reason why Daniel Renson would choose a fake identity with that city for opening secret bank accounts. He created the account at the BNY Mellon on 19 December 1996, on which he currently has 97,283,116 USD.

The deal was not sealed. Daniel Renson and Alfons Nuyts failed their business trip, because the owners didn’t trust the two men at all, and perhaps because of the pushy attitude with which they approached the company by transfering an amount which was never discussed. The owners of 13 Stripes Brewery transferred the 5 million USD back to the BNY Mellon bank on the account of Daniel Brown from Atlantic City in New Jersey. The chances are that the transfer is still pending.

Getting Past “No”

When Daniel Renson and Alfons Nuyts left the 13 Stripes Brewery, they decided to contact a madame named Jessica Spoonfull from Chicago to send a call girl “to entertain them”.

Miss Jessica Spoonfull is an American Indian from the Cheyennes Tribe who knows professor Roland Willemyns, who orders a prostitute from her, when he goes to the USA.

Daniel Renson and Alfons Nuyts ordered one girl whose name is Gloria Downes. She too was an American Indian from the Pueblo tribe. She was 19 years old, and she knew upfront that she had to see 2 clients at the same time. She was a runaway girl who landed in a home and she left at age 18, which was the age limit of the home where she grew up. That is how she fell in the prostitution network.

Gloria Downes arrived on 2 October 1997 at 1:13 PM at the Sunny Farms hotel in Richmond County where the two Belgian men were staying. She joined them in their room unaware that this was the last day of her life.

The two Belgian men met the girl in their room at the Sunny Farms Hotel in Richland Country where they were staying.

They first had a drink, but to get past a “no” answer from the girl, they put a drug in her drink which made the girl totally unconscious.

They did not have sex. The two men were thirsty to see blood. When they need it, they accomplish that with whomever is standing in front of them at that moment, without further thinking. That was the plan.

They went shopping for knives, nails and a hammer

Hours before the meeting with Gloria, the two men went shopping in a hardware store in Richland County where they bought 20 nails of about 5 cm long, about 50 mm large and very sharp which are used by carpenters. They also bought a very heavy hammer and 12 knives at the same shop.

While the girl was still unconscious, they nailed her against the door of the hotel room, like Christ was nailed on the cross. In each hand of the young woman, Daniel Renson entered one nail in one strike with the hammer.

They pulled her both feet together and placed one on top of the other to nail both feet with one nail of about 15 to 20 cm long, against the door, the feet were supported underneath with a little stool. Daniel Renson has the beastly strength to hit the nail through the bones. She was hanging like Jesus Christ against the door.

Then the two men took the knives to play a game like darts by throwing the knives at the girl as if she were a target. They threw at short range to make sure the object would pierce through the body. Two knives were successfully shot like that. The first one arrived at her left side next to the hip or in her hip. The second arrived on her thigh.

She would suddenly have woken up very briefly from the drugs when the first two knives had hit her, her mouth was strapped and she could not scream. She was still feeling pain and they were enjoying the sadism to make it worse.

When I inquired on who was throwing the knives. It was Alfons Nuyts who was throwing knives most of the time, because in his youth, he used to work for Circus Bouglione. He was the assistant of the knife thrower, and he was trained during 2 years in handling knives. He is experienced.

They used the rest of the knives for stabbing to destroy the body. She was still alive while the stabbing was going on. They stabbed one knife in each breast and kept them there. Daniel Renson would have cut off the nipples and he ate them up, like he did in Paris to my Vietnamese friend Tran Nguyen from Woluwe Saint Lambert (Brussels). He chopped another Vietnamese named Mie Huang in pieces and he moves freely in Belgium.

For H.E. Dr Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission: The Largest Hostage Taking In Belgium Went Unreported

In total they would have stabbed Gloria Downes 7 times. The fatal stab which caused Gloria Downes to die was the knife which Daniel Renson hatefully drove through the vagina all the way up to the chest.

They ended the torture by cutting off the vagina which both men ate. Daniel Renson tried to drink some of the blood that was spraying out, but it made him become unwell that he had to throw it all up. The blood was obviously polluted by stress hormones from a human being who was suffering while the person was still alive and receiving the stabs. Stress is what he was drinking and his stomach pushed it all back out.

The return flight was on 4 October 1997

Directly after the murder, Daniel Renson and Alfons Nuyts took their luggage and rushed out of the hotel. They took a car from Hertz in Richland County, which Daniel Renson paid with a Visa credit card, with yet another identity. They drove to Washington DC

They did not take the risk of staying in hotels, as the country was in a state of alert. In Washington they stayed two days before they flew back as scheduled to Belgium with American Airlines under the same identity that they used for getting to America.

They stayed with a person who they know and who is a friend. His name is Jack Willowes and he is an American from Washington. He is still alive and he used to work for the two at the World Bank. He specialized in dealing with the Arab countries, and he was also the person who actually created the secret accounts with the fake identities.

Friends or Foes of Islam, Part One and Part Two

Thus, we must depart from the premise that those secret accounts with the fake passports are created by the World Bank, which is a fake bank. Jack Willows is only one of the men who does this for them. There are many more people employed at the World Bank who deal with all the banks in the world.

Gloria Downes was pronounced dead on October 2, 1997 at 5:20 PM

The Richland County police would have found the very damaged body which made the news locally. The police categorized the case as a satanic ritual. This is exactly how the crucifixion of Jesus is categorized in Islam. It means terrorist torture, which is why Islam would not allow a cross as a sign for the Muslims to inspire or to use while fully recognizing Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible on exactly the same footing as the Prophet Mohammed and the Holy Koran. Islam does not prescribe the removal of the cross if that helps the focus in prayers for the Christians, it even recommends using a Church if no Mosque is near, but it assigns the responsibility to bring insight and to fight ignorance.

During the Summer of 2017, I narrowly escaped a similar attack which was being prepared with the help of Colette Dongmo, the Godfather’s puppet of which you will find a description in my letter of 9 June 2021 “On Why We Need An Overseas Support Association Of Our Own For The Women”, to shield against human trafficking. The local Belgian anti-human trafficking organization supports only the sex-workers against brutal violence.

The chances are that in Summer 2017, I have been the target of the same men who crucified and stabbed Gloria Downes to death for reasons beyond our understanding.

One reason why Alfons Nuyts would want to kill me is to have an easy time lying about me, in the case concerning the summons against KPN-Orange to pay around 360 million Belgian francs in arrears for the lease of landlines from Belgacom, which was a hoax by Alfons Nuyts for making the financial looting of his employer easy to do.

Long before I figured out that Alfons Nuyts was involved in it himself, I brought the case to the attention of any potential investor in the world through various media, to show the abuse of investments in highly innovative sectors such as telecommunication, and what makes this service very expensive and not profitable in Belgium, and why I prefer to develop Digital Unity in Africa and the Middle-East, where it will cost me way much less.

HE President Xi Jinping: Belgium Is the Industrial Graveyard of Europe

I was unaware that Alfons Nuyts kept following me beyond the point of firing me at the beginning of March 2001. He has this trait in common with Professor Roland Willemyns who fired me off the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, and who kept following me. The trait is causing an injustice or a violation of human rights and to follow the victim further to keep causing more injustice, as if they did not process something about the injustice or the crime which they committed, while a normal human being would fire someone and assert that the person leaves an organization or a territory, and be at peace with the outcome.

The trouble, which I have been observing with this very different species is that they don’t take peace with the outcomes which they cause. It is a trait which deserves an international scientific research to understand why the individuals from this group continue to be angry after they get what they want.

Another trait which you must remember from this very special kind of human species is that the only way for them to win is to rob and kill you, because they don’t seem to have any other possible way to excel.

Daniel Renson is just the same. He looks very different from Alfons Nuyts and Professor Roland WIllemyns, but his attitude towards life in the society is identical. He will eventually kill and nobody will understand why. “Why did he kill Gloria Downes and Mie Huang?” That he explains to the judges why he did that.

For explaining their angry attitude they rely on racism, antisemitism, anti anything that stresses a social or ethnic difference, and they use that for creating cooperation against a scapegoat. If I was dead, Alfons Nuyts would definitely win the argument that I wrote the summons against KPN-Orange to steal 360 million Belgian francs from this company.

The chances are that in Belgium it would work out for him if he makes me look very bad because I am a Moroccan, I am a Muslim, and therefore I must be a terrorist and that I came to his country to steal the jobs, to rob the employers and the social security for his country. “Look at what all the other Moroccans are doing here. They steal our wives and they rob our children”. That is how his species hides their own criminality.

He will cause so much doubt in the minds of the judges that he will walk free, all the more that the Justice system in Belgium was only concerned with what happens in Belgium, not in the foreign countries because that falls outside the Belgian jurisdiction, except when a French magistrate put my name in a crime file against payment, and when it concerns Moroccans. Now, that is different. In that case they seem very interested in a crime that happened outside Belgium by someone who lives in Belgium. In all the other cases they really don’t bother much about what any native Belgian does in the other countries.

If I did not file a complaint against KPN-Orange and specifically against Alfons Nuyts at the Brussels Labor Tribunal against the abusive dismissal, I would have been caught and sentenced to prison. It happened to me before, and it is their way of life.

It happened to Jesus Christ. Nobody will search what that person is guilty of. That is the ignorance which killed Jesus Christ. His accusation was unfounded, but the mass of people were convinced that he was guilty. Afterwards, the Jews were accused of crucifying Jesus, and there is no end to the spiral of hatred which lasted more than one thousand years. The ignorance is overwhelming and now we know more about who the people are who by habit persecute and kill through crucifying people, which is so strong that anyone will think that the dead person was guilty.

If I were dead, I would not be there to bring more knowledge and insight to the judge with the secret accounts of Alfons Nuyts. Financial information cuts through the spiral of ignorance and it makes it easy to find the real guilty who should be crucified themselves.

The table with the secret accounts of Alfons Nuyts during his period of employment at KPN-Orange shows that he was very busy making plans for the 9/11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. The Y2K bug fix was a possible inflated scam which cost fortunes, and nothing happened.

Download PDF file

The attack was perhaps in the context of a loan for European Hotel Ventures Belgium from the Lehman Brothers Bank (which was in one of the Twin Towers) to develop the hotel industry, and that the fines for KPN-Orange were possibly needed to pay suicide bombers to direct a commercial airline at each of the Twin Towers. While this was happening, Alfons Nuyts was giving instructions to the banks to open accounts and to transfer big sums on them. The new element is that the World Bank opens those accounts in various countries possibly with the contributions from all the countries.

They needed around 10.5 million USD which is a plausible amount to prepare and finance the attack, which was not done for free. 10.5 million USD is around 360 million Belgian francs, and it corresponds with the fine for KPN-Orange.

The secret bank accounts of a mafia in Belgium

I learned about the death of Gloria Downes through homicide reporters, who brought the story to my attention given the link with Belgium through the flights which the two men made from Washington DC, on 3 October 1997. That is where their trail stopped.

Someone has made a big job of finding the killers of Gloria Downes and crafted a robot photo based on tapes collected from security cameras from various businesses which caught a glimpse of the men when the two men were on their way shopping for a hammer.

There were witnesses in the neighboring rooms in the hotel who were interrogated and who reported hearing the hammer on the door wondering what was happening. One of the clients at the hotel was walking through the corridor and she noticed blood stains flowing under the door. She quickly vanished and had hidden herself until the police opened the door of her room.

The topping on the cake is that there was a hidden camera in the room which caught the two men crucifying and stabbing Gloria Downes. That is how it was known that the girl regained consciousness very briefly when they were throwing sharp knives at her. The forensic scientists took samples of anything which could lead to the perpetrators through DNA-research such as the traces of the vomit, the saliva which was found on the glasses they drank from, the hairs in the towels, and even the traces of snot on kleenex papers that they found. They collected fingerprints on all the objects including the taps and the toilet handle. I unfortunately did not receive details about what happened to the hammer that was used for nailing Gloria Downes, but I was told that everything which was in that room was kept preserved in a safe. It looks like if they open the case now, the two will be extradited immediately. Alfons Nuyts and Daniel Renson should have read the Death Penalty Information in South Carolina before puting a foot there.

All they could try is to erase their fingerprints with Anios hand sanitizer which is a product invented by the Brabant Killers probably for that purpose. What they could also try is to modify their genetic make-up by drinking as much blood of humans as they can possibly drink, which they get through the blood donations to the Red Cross and it’s trusted partner which is Plasma Industries in Belgium. Despite the blood which they get for free and the availablity of the black sausages, they still hunt for people in various ways, and that would explain the crime rate. All the countries should remember that these are people who will eat yours financially, economically and physically.

Genocides May Need To Be Re-evaluated Under New Light: The Hunts For Food

The crime rate in Richland County may be very surprising, but so is the Justice system and the measures for more security in and around all the businesses in that area. External factors such as gun law lobbies, international trade partners and international travel obviously may play a role in the crime rate. It may attract certain tourists who look for thrills which cost lives.

I shall testify against Alfons Nuyts and Daniel Renson at the Supreme Court of the USA, with everything I have to support the allegaton that they would be the murderers of Gloria Downes, and to demand the highest possible punishment existing, meaning that I will not veto the capital punishment for both of them.

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I humbly thank you, Your Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Chairman of the Alwaleed Philanthropies, for your attention and in advance for your support.

Salam fi rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Yours sincerely,





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