On FN Herstal Shares held by the Brabant Killers

7 min readApr 9, 2022

As a result of the shutdown of all our websites by WIX, we will continue to communicate with pictures: we had stopped at Ukraine war, of which everyone thinks that President Putin is the bad guy, we have collected the data on the real bad guys who launder money through the arms trade for which they need the war in Ukraine.

The perpetrators are shareholders of FN Herstal. Most of them have been identified as the Brabant Killers gang of whom the pictures were revealed in the media.

Mr Peter Rombouts (n°1) (aka Stephan Van Collem) holds 1 % of FN Herstal under the name Peter van de Velde who says he was born in Hoogstraten and who since 8 August 2004 has a secret account under this fake identity at the Belfius bank. The current amount is 93 602 777 euro.

A secret agent from Switzerland, who has been following Stephan Van Collem revealed 3 other names this individual frequently uses inside Belgium:

  1. Jean Snieders from Wavre who has a bank account with AXA Bank;
  2. Laurent Grenouille from Waterloo who has a bank account with Belfius Bank, and
  3. Stefan Van Coillie from Brasschaat who has a bank account with the ING Bank.

Mr Alfons Nuyts holds 1 % of FN Herstal shares under the fake identity of François Laporte who says he was born in Gembloux. He might be receiving dividends on a bank account with the Belfius bank which he opened on 19 February 2005 and on which he currently has 83,339,711 euro.

Attorney Ines Wouters holds a larger share of FN Herstal, around 1.25 % under the fake identity of Janice Wouters who pretends that she was born in Knokke. The FN dividends were likely paid out on a secret bank account that she opened on 11 November 2004 with this fake identity at the Belfius bank where the current balance is 90,583,257 euro.

The biggest surprise is that a Moroccan army colonel is also a shareholder of FN Herstal and holds a significant 1.75 % of shares under a fake Belgian identity. His real name is Colonel Sellam Sadki, and he calls himself “Jean van de Wauwer” and he too pretends that he was born in Hoogstraten. As he is much older than the previous three, he likely had the dividends paid on a secret account at Belfius which he opened on 19 January 1997 and on which the current balance is 96,193,718 euro

Professor Roland Willemyns (n°2) of the VUB owns 1,5 % of FN Herstal under the fake identity of Jeff Verplancke from Lier (Antwerp). He possibly hid the dividends from FN in a secret account with the Belfius bank in Belgium, which he opened on 10 February 1998. The current balance is 118,907,664 euro

I happen to have found other secret accounts at Belfius for Professor Roland Willemyns which brought me on the path that the revenues from the shares arrive first on this account and they are spread to other secret accounts which the same man holds at Belfius bank under other fake identities, namely:

  • Jan Vrielants who was born in Dilbeek and who opened a secret account on 9 October 2002 at the Belfius bank in Evere where his current account shows 78,601,576 euro. This bank account and fake identity are likely linked to real estate he owns on Leopold III laan, which is on the same avenue where NATO is headquartered.

The chances are that he spies on Nato with strong binoculars to study their movements. Given the highly dangerous nature of Professor Roland Willemyns, who is a relentless terrorist, with an abrupt inclination to attack at any time, we advise an immediate verification by the judicial authorities and NATO of this fact, and to remove the potential threat for all NATO allied forces as soon as possible.

Toyota Motor Europe is headquartered on Leopold III laan, next doors to NATO, and in the immediate neighborhood of Professor Roland Willemyns’ property. An investigation and searches on property may answer the questions we had regarding the acquisition and the shipment of Toyota Hilux jeeps for Islamic State and Al Qaeda in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and in Sub Saharan Africa, that we suspect a vast operation of money laundering collected from prostitution in Japan.

  • Marc Byttebier who was born in Knokke and who opened a secret account on 10 December 2004 at the Belfius bank in Groot-Bijgaarden where the current balance is 83,665,783 euro.
  • Philippe Jeanvier who was born in Zaventem and who opened a secret account on 30 January 2000 at the Belfius bank in Ixelles , where he hides a current amount of 90,111,638 euro; and where he owns under that fake identity property on avenue Louise.

Roland Willemyns is a professor in Dutch linguistics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. If he was a good person, he would not need any fake identities at all. He needs them so badly otherwise everybody will know that he is an utterly rotten individual. That they authorize such a person to be a university professor also says a lot about that university. Professor Roland Willemyns also has secret accounts in Dnipro in Ukraine, a region that he alone controls in a criminal context for money laundering through the sales of weapons usually to all opposing belligerents.

Mr George Dekock who is a weapon designer at FN in Herstal has the audacity to acquire under the fake identity of Albert Jordens from Lippelo (Antwerp) almost 2 % of shares. He uses the Belfius bank for hiding funds under this fake identity which he opened on 15 March 2001. He has 126,333,605 euro.

Miss Najat Sabir, who was born in Morocco, owns 1 % of FN Herstal under the fake identity of Suzanne Josselin who was born in Westmalle (Antwerp), would you believe? She has a secret account under this fake identity in which obviously the dividends would be paid out, and which she opened on 7 May 2003 at ING Bank 90,235,881 euro. It may concern an ING bank in Westmalle, where she was supposedly born. It is the same for all the other gang members. The banks they use in Belgium are at their place of birth.

Senior politicians in Belgium suggested that Miss Najat Sabir was raised and mentally shaped by Lucien Leuwenkroon’s family, if not himself, to become his right hand operating in Belgium, while he is in Morocco. He would be in contact with her on a daily basis to instruct her to carry out his decisions. It has been suggested, but it is unverified.

What is verified is that Professor Roland Willemyns is her godfather.

In both cases, the suggestion matches perfectly the reasoning behind keeping her original name instead of making her part of the Belgian family at adoption. It is part of a calculation to deprive her of inheritance. It is clear that she was raised by highly racist people and that she is psychologically very hurt by the fact that she was excluded.

It is important to take into account this piece of information as Lucien Leuwenkroon or Professor Roland Willemyns might be using Miss Najat Sabir to own the portion of FN in her name. That would also be the reason why she would be adopted. The other reason is HIV.

Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon wants to use the whole of Morocco as his personal slaves to advance his selfish interests in that way, and that is unacceptable. That is high treason which should be punished by execution in public. The chances are that Miss Najat Sabir does not know she has any shares in FN at all.

Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon (n° 3), who is the president of the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco, owns 2 % of FN Herstal shares under the fake identity of Serge Fourniaux who was born in Bouillon. He opened a secret account under this name at the ING bank on 7 September 1998 and he currently has 110,606,988 euro on that account.

Lucien Leuwenkroon owns a total of 1,75 % of FN Herstal under two fake identities.

  • The first fake identity is Gerard Delafaille from Tournai. He opened a secret account under this identity on 9 December 1989 and his balance shows an amount of 77,091,634 euro.
  • The second fake identity is Jean Faubert who was born in Paris 12e, and under this fake identity he has had a secret account at Crédit Agricole since 10 June 1987 where the current total is 93,771,096 euro.

Lucien Leuwenkroon owns another 2,25 % under the fake French identity of Philippe Quatremain who was born in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Lucien Leuwenkroon follows the mergers and acquisitions in the weapon industry and he tries to be ahead in the game when it comes to shares especially in the USA, which is a nation with political and military influence everywhere in the world. For getting his share ultimately from that part of the world, he becamse a shareholder of FN Herstal with a fake American identity, namely Frank Lovejoy who was born in Austin, Texas. Frank Lovejoy owns 3 % of FN Herstal and he opened a bank account under this fake American identity at the Bank of New York Mellon in New York on 7 April 1989, where he has a total of 111,654,918 USD of funds.

He owns at least 10 % of FN Herstal, which makes him the largest shareholder of FN Herstal

Our question is: how does FN Herstal relate to the horrors happening in the Ukraine?

The numbers in brackets that you may have noticed correspond to the photos of the Brabant killers that have been uploaded by the media and that we publish on our websites and social networks.

May I request the immediate suspension of those shares at FN Herstal. With many thanks.

Yours sincerely,



Center for Moroccan International Alliances




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