New Information On Frank Buttons’ Death: They Used Fake Bonds To Get A Foot In The Door

3 min readJun 25, 2020

His Excellency Donald Trump, The President of the United States, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA

I am referring to the story about the death of Mr Frank Buttons, the banker of the Lehman Brothers Bank who was pushed from a terrace on the 8th floor to fall down, in January 1999.

I received additional details of very big importance:

The perpetrators used the fake papers to get an appointment arranged with the banker concerning paying out their shares with an American mining company. The banker noticed that the information on the documents related to the shares had expired. Upon hearing that Frank Buttons would seek the advice or the approval of the SEC, the two killers from Belgium became violent

The two killers whose real names are George De Kock and Joseph Gheyssens, and who used fake Belgian identities, which are respectively Jean-Marc Hellemans and George Vandermeulen, took Frank Buttons hostage first. They had bound him to a chair and they began to tortured him so much — perhaps to the degree that he tells all he has. He was very badly battered.

The two ransacked his house in search of valuable documents and they stole those concerning shares of Coca-Cola, General Motors, Ford company, Anhauser Bush, and the Lehman Brother’s bank.

For H.E. President Donald Trump: Economist Frank Buttons Was Pushed From the 8th Floor When He Mentioned the SEC (français — Nederlands)

Afterwards, they threw Frank Buttons over the reiling, but the chances are that he was already dead. They left the fake papers there, because all they wanted was the real ones. They used the fake documents, just to get a foot in the door to the private home of the young banker, with the intention to burglarize his home, without needing to break into the house. Given the appointment which they made, the further attacks, such as the subsequent torture and the manslaughter seem to be premeditated.

Apart from the Lehman Brothers Bank, most of the above-mentioned companies are currently among the biggest employers or they provide a significant number of direct and indirect employment in Belgium, particularly in the distribution of soft drinks, beers and cars.

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