Naima Bourhabi and her baby died in labour on 11 June 2012, as a result of complications at the home of Philippe Debrouille of BNPParibas in Fez. By whom was she pregnant?

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Naima Bourhabi was an orphan and is originally from Tangier. She grew up in an orphanage in Tangier where children were not treated well. At the age of 13, she ran away with two other girls to Fez where she lived the last six years of her life. She died on 11 June 2012, in Fez, at the age of 19.

At the age of 17, she met a Frenchman named Jacques Devilles at a party at the home of a wealthy French businessman named Jean-Philippe Debrouille. He is from Le Havre and is one of the “Friends of Belzébuth” in Le Havre. He was a banker at BNP Paribas.

Jean-Philippe Debrouille regularly organized parties in his house where he receives various dignitaries from Morocco and abroad. For this reason, he lived with his wife and three children in a very large house with six apartments and a swimming pool, which was run as a business. They had three maids, two chefs, gardeners, a pool cleaner, a personal butler for Philippe and one for his wife.

The Debrouille family employs Naima Bourhabi as a cleaning lady. She is described as beautiful, thin like a catwalk model, and with beautiful black eyes. It seems she was with the right people, in the right place and at the right time to get out of her misery and become a successful woman, even as an orphan.

Instead of having a life journey that goes in the right direction with all the assets God gave her, her whole life became totally distorted by the simple encounter with the “SS”, which struck her in the wrong eye.

Jean-Philippe knew that Jacques Devilles was a false name, and that the same man is called by his real name “Sellam Sadki” (SS). Jacques Devilles was a regular guest and other dignitaries were present whose names I do not publish, but many of them confirm that Jacques Devilles is Sellam Sadki.

Only Naima didn’t know that Jacques was Moroccan, that he was a colonel in the army, that he was married and that he had grown children. She believed that he was French, and that he was honest, so it turned her imagination to leave Morocco and one day find a better life in Europe with Jacques.

Jacques Devilles and Naima Bourhabi began a relationship in which Jacques fills her with gifts such as gold jewellery, beautiful clothes, shoes and everything she desires. He took her shopping with him and he paid for everything in cash. He would have been very generous, of course, because he was probably spending the money from human trafficking with illegal migrants and prostitution in places like Fez and Essaouira, of course.

All Jacques Devilles was doing was stealing money from miserable migrants to brainwash a beautiful 19-year-old orphan girl who also experienced a lot of misery.

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The reason why Jacques Devilles takes money from the poor and moves it to influence another poor person to commit crimes is that he himself would be very unhappy and poor if he had to spend his army salary to manipulate a young woman to sleep with him first, then with someone else, then with anyone else and so on, and to drag Naima into far greater misery with prostitution than the one she ran away from in Tangier.

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He came to court Naima between 2010 and 2012. With the word courting, I mean that he banged her in Jean-Philippe Debrouille’s very large house which has many bedrooms.

In October 2011, Naima became pregnant. What else can Philippe Devilles expect? But Naima herself didn’t find out until January 2012. The family doctor, who was Moroccan and who visited the house regularly, examined Naima and told her that she was pregnant. She decided to keep the baby.

Mr. Devilles normally visits her at least once a month. As usual, he came to see Naima in January. She happily told him that she was expecting a baby.

She thought that Jacques would be very happy too… why else would he want to be in bed with her, then? She noticed on his face that not only was he not very happy, but that he had changed. He was no longer the same Jacques Devilles, the Frenchman she had met at the party…. Maybe Jacques was gradually becoming the Sellam she was going to meet for real.

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Naima was very surprised, perplexed and horrified by the fact that she had made a very big decision based on mistakes that she could not detect because of a very thick layer of illusions that Jacques had deployed for many months to lead the girl to a very big disappointment, and this while she was four months pregnant with the child of a liar.

Sellam Devilles would have told her that she should give her baby up for adoption abroad, to a wealthy family in Europe or America. You can imagine how much of a shock this will be for a young orphaned woman, who has never had a family around her, who dreamed of starting a family, who thought Jacques had the money to support his little family, and now the man she imagined loving her told her right away that her child was going to be an orphan too?

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She was so perplexed, though she insisted on keeping the baby. Devilles managed to keep the young woman in a state of clouds and dreams throughout her pregnancy, visiting her regularly during the months following the doctor’s conclusion. He continued to buy her things, to pamper her, and to drive her out shopping until the end of her pregnancy, when he had plans that Naima had no idea about.

The end of her pregnancy also marked the end of her life on June 11, 2012

Naima still thought that he would continue to accept her and the baby as a normal, responsible man… but he is something different. Poor Naima didn’t know that she was a victim of a trade called “human trafficking”.

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When the colonel first saw her, he saw big dollars. That’s why he invested time and money to get her to bring those dollars back to him in some way at some point…with the kind of sexuality he had instructed her to do with him. “He doesn’t give anything away,” voices were saying about him.

He probably expected that Naima would be fired by Jean-Philippe Debrouille for having had a relationship with one of his clients and for getting illegally pregnant, but this did not happen. Therefore, he continued to “visit” Naima to see whether or not she was still employed there.

There has been some testimony that there was talk of firing her after she has given birth. Other accounts say that Jacques Devilles would have killed her if she was fired and she ended up on the street, which is what Jacques Devilles expected.

As it became impossible to meet Naima alone, without the permanent presence of the Debrouille household around her, or without possible witnesses, Sellam Devilles changed the scope of his business from prostitution to selling the baby to get back all the money he had spent on her for about two years during which he was courting her.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, for some reason, the colonel appeared indeed like the devil two weeks before the end of the pregnancy. He arrived organized at the Debrouille family home with the Moroccan family doctor and a French nurse named Geneviève Laplante.

Naima was supposed to give birth two weeks later. He explained to Naima that it would be best for her to deliver the baby immediately. For reasons that are beyond me, there was no resistance from Naima, who was probably willing to do anything to please Philippe Devilles as a friend at least. The doctor, the nurse and Sellam performed an operation in which she lost her life and the baby’s life as well.

The real reasoning behind the early delivery is that Jacques Devilles is said to have found an American family from New Orleans, owners of a bar, named James and Estella Humphreys, who offered $50,000 for the baby. They were a childless couple willing to adopt the baby. Earning this income quickly — before the couple found another baby elsewhere — would be one explanation for the imposed early delivery.

However, there could be another reason behind this operation, namely that the colonel was trying to eliminate Naima as an embarrassing witness to the adoption. He wanted Naima dead, he only wanted the baby. An induced premature delivery would give him that result.

Delivering the baby early would rather be better for him than for her

On the Colonel’s instructions, the doctor and nurse began working on Naima’s body to induce delivery. Nothing happened. Then they tried to perform a caesarean section, they anaesthetized her locally. They opened Naima’s belly. She lost a lot of blood. She died while they were trying to remove the baby for Jacques Devilles. She was already dead by the time they finally got the baby out. I hope Sellam was happy. However, the baby did not cry out. It breathed a little, and then it died as well from lack of oxygen.

It all happened in the house of Jean-Philippe Debrouille, a leading banker at BNP Paribas, in the presence of the family doctor who observed the pregnancy, and the French nurse.

Only then did they call an ambulance, and that was after the baby and the mother were already dead. Had they called an ambulance earlier, the child could have been saved with the oxygen equipment in the ambulance, but Jacques Devilles started making stupid decisions and doing everything he could to avoid being associated in any way with Naima and her baby.

By involving an ambulance and a hospital prior to delivery, hospital staff would ask Naima questions about the father’s identity. She would simply answer “Jacques Devilles”.

I do not see what the problem is, but Jacques was obviously concerned because he probably forgot that he was using a false name and that his name is Jacques Devilles. He reacted that way because he thinks he is Sellam Sadki, the colonel at the Royal Army Forces of Morocco, and that his reputation was at stake because of this Naima-thing, but that is not the case if his name is Jacques Devilles. You know what I mean?

He probably panicked and couldn’t think straight. He produced a drama that was not at all necessary, in which two innocent people were killed for nothing. That is how I see it. He should have been regular with Naima, but apparently he does nothing in a regular way.

The ability of being regular is missing with this person which raises questions on how he was able to move up in the army in the first place, which is an inspection which the Moroccan Royal Army must carry out on a mandatory basis because there’s always a chance he’s bought off his position, just like he’s bribing everyone else. This is not a judgement. This is a supposition and I could be perfectly wrong, but that would explain why a French national can be an army colonel with the Moroccan army.

The ambulance took the bodies to the morgue. Another doctor drafted a report with the observations that it was a death during labour. No further questions were asked, whereas the hospital should have involved the police immediately with a suspicious death of a baby and the mother.

What did the police of Fez do?

It looks like the whole Moroccan system is dysfunctional. It has been like this since 1972, when I was discovering the country during the vacation. I followed with great attention not only the robbery of my grandfather’s farmland in Ouled Zian (Kénitra), but also the general poverty and massive failure of students in the schools. Everyone struggled to get a baccalauréate throughout the country. That was also the period of arbitrary arrests and uprisings, coups d’état, attempts to kill King Hassan II, in which I heard for the first time about Kenitra Central, a notorious prison in the whole world and about torture. Was Jacques Devilles with the army in Kénitra?

in 2012, when Naima Bourhabi was killed after a very long and extensive processing of her mind and body by manipulation, almost like emotional and physical torture, the system seems to function still like in 1972. That is how much progress Morocco has made if the doctors,, the hospitals, the police and the army are not functioning as they should. By functioning, I mean “how their minds function”. My conclusion is that they still function by a criminal system and there is not another one to counterbalance the existing criminal economy.

She was buried and Jean-Philippe Debrouille paid for everything: the hospital, the ambulance, the morgue and the mother and child burial service. This is a double murder in which at least 4 people are involved, Colonel Sadki Sellam alias Jacques Devilles, Jean-Philippe Debrouille, his family doctor and Geneviève Laplante.

Without the other three people present, Mr. Sellam Sadki would have done something completely different with the bodies of Naima and her child, so that no one would have known that these two individuals were ever alive. He would have monstrously annihilated the young woman he seemed to love and her child. Fortunately, she was surrounded by people with human dignity even after her death.

Jacques didn’t realize that the whole of Naima’s environment observed the spectacular manipulation with which he turned the head of a simple young working woman, the outings, the dinners, the gifts that made everyone around him end up believing the story, whereas all this is part of a meticulous calculation of which the origin does not stop with Jacques, but decisions such as that of an early childbirth could go back well beyond the borders of Morocco, and as far as Saint-Gilles with Her Highness Jacqueline de Croÿ, for example, who subtly caused the death of Miss Montana because she was not 100% White.

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Naima could be the victim of a conspiracy the colonel acted on, making him irrational in his decision making.

Yet everyone has discovered a colonel of extraordinary cruelty and without any morals, as is the case for a large part of the rich class in Morocco, which does not have many people who are very sympathetic to the less rich, who have a spirit which is not positive, not exemplary for the new generation of entrepreneurs, and who often have links with people in Europe who guide them in their decisions to divide our society.

These rich people are probably part of the mafia with the Israeli spirit of a terrorist like Lucien Leuwenkroon and his Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Casablanca that must be closed down to have another Morocco. The class struggle is waged against women from the poorest sections of the population through a sexual war and slavery.

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Morocco’s economy, which depends on tourism for more than 85% of GDP, also depends on all the horrors that accompany the kind of tourism that Morocco has allowed, which targets women and children, leaving the country with no future. Those who allow themselves to be taken advantage of die through illness, suicide or a disguised assassination like that of Naima Bourhabi.

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Women, on the other hand, who don’t let themselves be taken advantage of, who resist and hold their heads up high are called “sluts”.

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Morocco will have to make important choices for its economy

It’s about choosing the right people… When I asked if Jean-Philippe Debrouille had invited Colonel Sellam again to a party in his house, the answer was that Jean-Philippe Debrouille quickly decided to go back to live in France, when he began to understand what kind of heartless and ruthless colonels we have in the Moroccan army, who are supposed to protect the weakest populations, who are the orphans, the women and the babies, and who are supposed to guarantee the growth of Morocco’s demography. This colonel is so detestable to his own Moroccan people that he is guaranteeing a very rapid decrease in the Moroccan population with stupidity as the arse Jean-Philippe Debrouille has had no contact with the colonel since then.

The colonel made with his ass a good talent for the growth of the country flee.

It’s time for DNA testing before any charges are laid

The cases of Naima Bourhabi and Fatima Najiri will have to be re-examined from a different angle, that of multiple blood consumption.

In the case of Naima Bourhabi, who lost large quantities of blood and who lost her near stillborn baby, there is still a probability of human blood being consumed, given that the events occurred in the house of a member of the Friends of Beelzebub in Le Havre, and that the babies or foetuses in particular are consumed by the followers of this particular satanic group to which Philippe Debrouille belongs.

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The same goes for Fatima Najiri. To rape her could be a premise behind which something much more serious could be hidden, such as the offering of her blood during a ceremony of the Friends of Satan. This is how prostitution and paedophilia are used in the West. They are a smokescreen for cannibalism, often involving several people, and this is what has motivated tourism in Morocco.

That’s why you have tourists flying in for a day or two. They don’t do tours. They only eat human flesh and drink human blood and fly back the next day. That’s why I’ve opened a case at the International Criminal Court at The Hague in October 2013. The reference number is OTP-CR-322/13. We are counting all the dead at the hands Vincent Deprêtre in this court house.

If in the interior of Belgium the coastal cities have banned one-day tourism, I think that Morocco, which depends on tourism, has every interest in making a law that defines tourism and that imposes this law on all tourist operators, to avoid abuses — such as human trafficking — which are currently part of the tourist sector.

Des échantillons de fluides et de tissus permettront d’identifier la personne qui a violé à mort Fatima Najiri, 15 ans, le 3 septembre 2014

After 60 years of tourism in Morocco, the government has yet to define what tourism is precisely and what it is not. The country lacks methodology in a lot of things, and they were keeping me out to bring this understanding to my people. Perhaps it was Vincent Deprêtre who felt threatened about suddenly becoming poor should everyone apply their skills with methodology and professionalism. I do however believe that giving a legal definition of tourism will propel Morocco to being 10 or 15 years ahead of all the rest.

Thus, it would also be necessary to try to get hold of the DNA of Jacques Devilles and Vincent Deprêtre to know their precise origins, and to compare this on the bodies of the victims, to know if the DNA found in the sex of Fatima Najiri is identical or different to that taken from the baby of Naima Bourhabi, for example.

There are therefore many aspects that the Moroccan police can exhaust in order to arrive at the right conclusions, as well as the international scope of the problem. The colonel is not alone, he is led by foreign forces.

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Moroccan police should investigate whether Jacques Devilles and/or Vincent Deprêtre or Colonel Sellam are members of the Friends of Beelzebub and whether they consumed the blood of their victims. In other words, it should investigate to know if Sellam Sadki is a cannibal like Lucien Leuwenkroon, Ina Valstar, Princess Jacqueline de Croÿ, Alfons Nuyts, Daniel Renson, Joseph Gheyssens, George De Kock, Jos Delcroix, Paula Donckers, Dirk Duflou and André Azoulay who protects them all, when they come to Morocco, whereas he himself sexually abused little boys in Northern Ireland.

I have launched the question into the universe, and I am confident that I will find an answer to the question for you as soon as possible of whether Sellam Sadki is a cannibal.

In the meantime I am a civil party and witness for the prosecution before the Supreme Court of Morocco in the case of Naima Bourhabi that I place in the context of human trafficking for tourists of the Festival of Sacred Music in Fes, and especially the horrible case of Fatima Najiri, given the link with Belgium, notably the secret bank account of Colonel Vincent Deprêtre.

Thank you for your attention and for your cooperation, Your Excellency President Donald Trump of the United States of America.

Yours sincerely,




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