Letter for His Majesty King Charles III and Her Majesty The Queen Consort Camilla: conclusive facts about the white car which brushed off paint on the black Mercedes in Paris on 31 August 1997

His Majesty King Charles III and Her Majesty The Queen Consort Camilla of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA, UK

Mr Philippe Adwent was killed in a car crash in August 2005, with his wife and his three young children, while on vacation in Poland, where Philippe Adwent originally was from. Mr Philippe Adwent was a member of the European Parliament. His entire family was decimated in that car crash which happened in the context of group-purchasing of electricity.

The police of Poland filed the case as a flight crime in which the opposing car and the perpetrators were never identified. Eyewitnesses do exist, without which we would not have the information. I included the fact in the List of Crimes by Mr François Leemans, who is a Belgian who lives in Morocco under the nickname “Lucien Leuwenkroon”.

The driver of the car was described as barely visible behind the steering wheel. There was someone seated next to him who is taller, and he could be Joseph Gheysens who has an interest in making sure his victim or opponent is eliminated. Other sources reported that Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon was driving the car which hit the car of the MEP.

Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon is the President of the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco, (CCBLM) and a recent investigation reveals his involvement in the poisoning of His Majesty King Hassan II with a covid-like respiratory infection in 1999.

It went undetected until the recent Covid19 pandemic during which the vaccine business came under scrutiny of which the original tracks run up to CCBLM which monopolized the vaccine lab construction, the manufacturing supply chain, the testing methods and invoicing, the Covid Safe Tickets, the personal data of all the people who are vaccinated, the orders and the shipping of the vaccines around the world, but also of diseases, and the income of all of this which he uses for financing wars.

Until then, the death of King Hassan II seemed to be an inevitability of natural origin. New financial information (which you will find in the letter) forces us to re-examine whether it was an organised assassination involving a conspiracy, which is a congregation of people each contributing in small or big ways to the disappearance of human life.

Daniel Renson and Alfons Nuyts were likely injured in the white car which brushed off paint on the black Mercedes before the crash in Pont de l’Alma tunnel on 31 August 1997

From all the elements collected, we began to look into other deaths that in appearance look like an accident or a health deterioration because of “old age”, “previous surgeries”, “emotional shock” that we are expected to accept, just like that. Only the fact that the explanation comes in different forms is not reassuring.

We need precision. With all the science and technology available, we don’t accept anything just like that, but we investigate to see if someone failed in his or her responsibility, and we fire, we sue and bring people to justice so that the appropriate punishment remains written forever in the collective consciousness, just like the vaccine contributes to the collective immunity and to know who and or which places to avoid in the future.

In the letter of today for His Majesty King Charles III and Her Majesty The Queen Consort Camilla, I am sharing the findings collected for understanding the context in which the so-called accident in which Princess Diana was killed with Mr Dodi Al Fayed and Mr Henri Paul, on 31 august 1997.

We all know that the investigation was incomplete. There was a collision with another car before the Mercedes with Princess Diana in it hit the wall and then a pillar in Pont de l’Alma. This means that there were two cars involved in the accident, at least.

It looks a lot like the flight crime in Poland in which the perpetrators and their car were never found back. Perhaps the crash in Paris concerns the same perpetrators as well.

While we have no real answers, we had a look at our list of secret accounts of the gang of Brabant Killers that we have been collecting for about 2 years now, and we found activity in Paris throughout 1997.

In the enclosed letter I summarize the information seen from events in the lives of the members of the gang of Brabant killers and their helpers which I cross-analyze with the elements that we know from the press about the car crash in Pont de l’Alma on 31 August 1997.

We asked the question if it was a White Fiat Uno or a White VW Golf which brushed with the black Mercedes. We had a look at the stakeholders in matters of scrap cars who are close to one or more members of the Brabant Killers.

For the time being we found my former neighbor named Pascal Marit who is a car lover, a mechanic in the management of Volkswagen/Audi in Brussels whose father died of a Covid-like infection in 2004. He restores old cars in his spare time for rally in forests, mountains and deserts.

We are exploring other sources of scrap cars that are used for terrorism, because that is likely the context in which Princess Diana was killed with Mr Dodi Al Fayed and Mr Henri Paul.

Then we questioned if there were injured people in the car which collided with the black both sides. One of them could be Daniel Renson, who was very seriously injured in a car accident about which he never revealed much details, but the damage is visible.

Please find the results in the letter for His Majesty and Her Majesty.

It is a preliminary report which I will continue to refine over the next few days, to bring out clearly the new facts which until now have not been linked to the accident which cost the life of the Princess for silly reasons and to the responsibility of a lot more people involved in that accident than we imagine. The aim is to object the thesis of an accident, to requalify the case as an assassination, and to consider a trial which will allow the Justice to examine these elements under this angle, and to punish the responsible people.

In the enclosed letter, I am stating the names of suspects who are also found to be very active with the intentional contamination of innocent people with airborne diseases such as Covid 19.

This letter also questions the disappearance of the Heads of State in assassinations which may all have the same criminal gang in common. It encourages Justice to examine the death of His Majesty King Hassan II as an assassination just like the 600 000 deadly victims of Covid 19, of which the responsibility traces to the same gang of killers who use respiratory diseases to kill world leaders.

Each time a Head of State dies, we begin to wonder whether the death was natural or if there is someone out there busy exterminating them one by one.

This is why I request Your Majesty King Charles III and Your Majesty The Queen Consort Camilla to please share at least with the other Heads of State what caused the sudden death of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II who was reputed for her good health. Please Your Majesty, may the Almighty God bestow you and your wife with many blessings. Any clue will help protect you and your Family.

With humility, I thank you so greatly Your Majesty King Charles III and Her Majesty The Queen Consort Camilla of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

God Save the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

God Save the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali, President of the Center for Moroccan Internatioinal Alliances Nahema



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