In the Absence of Money, (Fake) Belgian Papers Are Promised to Finance Hatred

11 min readNov 24, 2019
I usually find Geinoba Tall praying for more than one hour. At times she reminds me of a high priestess — (Source of the picture: Clipart Max and Pixabay)

For His Excellency Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, the President of Mauritania


My name is Naima Mouali and I am from Morocco. It is my greatest honor to address this note to you about a citizen from Mauritania currently applying for asylum in Belgium. Her name is Geinoba Tal and I would like you to help me dig into her past.

I am writing to you from Tournai where I am for the moment, assessing a reputed Red Cross asylum center. Most of my followers on Medium and Facebook have not heard from me for a while, it is because I had a cold. I am doing better although an acute pain in the chest requires checking by a professional doctor if it gets worse.

I am open to all my followers. This is why I prepared a short story to inform you why activity got suspended:

One of my roommates at the asylum center is from Burkina Faso, and her name is Selimata. She has been terribly sick since Monday 18 November 2019. She is nailed down in bed for one week and her condition is getting worse.

Yesterday, she went to seek help with someone at the medical bureau. They gave her syrup. What I find astonishing is that they did not bring a doctor or bring her to the doctor. Thus, she has been making everyone else sick, like me.

Today, she had someone to take over her job, as she is easily out of breath and she feels dizzy. She is coughing. She has a fever, nightmares and I could hear her breathing at night. In my humble opinion, she has mild pneumonia, but the Red Cross did not send a doctor. Her condition is not improving.

I saw it coming because Miss Geinoba Tal, one of the roommates wants to keep the window open during the night. Usually, I am the last one to enter the room, and for weeks it is like entering a fridge.

Just in case this would be a set up from the conspiracy, instead of dressing down, I dress up for going to bed. and I am using a raincoat as a cover on top of the bed cover which is not warm enough. You only get one cover at this prison system. A duvet would have been a better humanitarian investment and energy effective even if the stay is brief, but you know how smart they are over here. The bed covers are probably as old as the building site, and dating from World War I.

Last Thursday, I was unable to deliver anything of what I promised to the Oriental Investors, a club to which I welcome you to rework together our economies. I was suffering from a headache, cough and muscle pain which kept me in bed. I bought orange blossom water that I am sipping right now to disinfect the respiratory tract.

My condition is slightly better compared to Thursday and Friday. On Friday I began to come out slowly of some kind of coma.

When I visited the medical bureau they only gave medication not an appointment with the doctor. I was given a syrup against the cough, paracetamol against the muscle pain, and a nasal spray which I was supposed to collect by myself from the pharmacy. That is something I can do when I am better, not now. The Red Cross medical bureau is not involving any doctors at all, not even to listen to the lungs.

I explained to the medical assistant that the cause of the cold is the window in which one roommate named Geinoba Tal who opens the whole night or she waits until 5 AM to open it.

Geinoba Tal is from Mauritania, She speaks French, some Arabic and also the language of the Peul, which makes that she comes across sympathetic to many Africans. What scares me about her is that when I return to my room let say around 1 or 2 AM, I usually find her praying for more than one hour. At times she reminds me of a high priestess (just like in the main picture of this story). When she prostrates she remains in that position for several minutes, which is unusual.

The exposure to a stream of cold air lasts a whole night or many long hours and this is what made Salimata very ill, and as she is Geinoba’s best friend, she does not complain about the window. She even refuses to make the link with her degrading condition. That is how I figured out that there must be something more to this dirty game like a conspiracy.

That is not all. Geinoba also turns the heating down, which makes the room feels like a cold storage room like the one that the bakers use for storing wedding cakes, fruits, eggs, and cream.

The first person who complained about the open window was Muna from Somalia, over one month ago. She is one of the nicest people in the whole camp, and very beautiful too. With tears in her eyes, she showed me pictures of atrocities against her babies. Through the grapevines, I learned that she recently received a “negative” decision, and took a vacation. She was off leave while the hecatombe of sick people was ongoing in our room.

She is a diabetic and there was one night that her body could not cope with the low temperatures. Her face was bluish pale when she woke up. She complained about Miss Geinoba Tal to a Red Cross's assistant named Pascale, and she was given medication, which would not be necessary if the window stays shut during the night.

Pascale interrogated me about the situation in the room, if everything was all right. I told her that we are trying “to keep the church in the middle of the village” as the expression goes in French, but sometimes that is a hard thing to do. There are positive things about that room, which is that they clean, calm and there is no theft, but when it comes to the window, Muna was right.

“When I tried to increase the heating on one night (and it was about 1 AM). Geinoba heard me fiddling and said, “shut down the heating”. “OK” I shouted, making sure that everyone heard it. Nobody is allowed to touch the heating or the window. We have to listen to Geinoba, but she never listens to anyone us. Who does she think she is?

The second person who had trouble with the temperature is a Senegalese woman who is pregnant. Her name is also Geinoba. She had good contact with Geinoba Tal, who can be very sympathetic… but when it comes to the window the Senegalese also thought that sleeping in there was too cold.

When I warned that she could lose her baby, the Senegalese popped her eyes and immediately precipitated her entrance to a medical room “as that was planned anyway”. However, she did not use the window as the premise to quit the cold room, and that is how everyone kept missing the target which is that window and Geinoba’s criminal attitude. Her departure was unexpected and immediately after Muna’s complaint. I remember watching Muna, by the way, was not given a medical room. Her witness is key to this open window dossier.

We have been joined by a Latino American woman named Patricia who also thought is was madness to open the window during everyone’s sleep. She can confirm the bad habit and the cause of illness in the room.

When the Red Cross medical assistant heard me out, she promptly sent an email to the technical team to mediate. Meanwhile, Miss Tal continues to open the window during the night, despite everyone around her falling sick. Just this morning she did it again directly after finishing her very long prayer.

I promptly stood up, I walked over the window and I smacked it shut, so everyone to hear it, but nobody responded. I will continue doing so until I get this Mauritanian psychopath to respond to me. I have my answers for her ready.

A third case is in progress. It concerns Maryam from Somalia whose head is the nearest to the open window. She sleeps on top of Geinoba (in a bunk bed). She started coughing severely during the past 48 hours, and today, she did not come out of bed as early as usual.

Both women clashed before for nothing. Maryam once dropped her phone between the wall and the bed, and it went right down to Geinoba. The latter promptly went to the Red Cross director and said that Maryam was throwing things at her head.

There is another reason why Geinoba sought to discredit Maryam, which is that Maryam is very young, very beautiful, tall and slim. She is probably aiming to torpedo Maryam’s asylum request, just like she may have informed the mafia about Muna complaining about the window.

Now I don’t understand everything about the functioning of the Belgian asylum administration. I cannot judge if outsiders could influence a decision of the High Commissariat for Refugees, but given that refugees apparently can get away with murder and they can get Belgian papers, I think the opposite is also possible which is that sticks in the wheels can be placed for perfectly innocent people, by a simple phone call from somebody high up, and on instruction from people like Geinoba Tal.

At times, I begin to think if terrorism is the explanation for Geinoba to open the window at night. It is a silent killer without a murderer. It reminds me of my experience last year at Universitaire Ziekenhuis Antwerpen.

They Were Predators, Not Nurses

The other reason why I think if terrorism is her motive is that I question her entrance in Belgium. I once asked her how she found out about the Red Cross Asylum center in Tournai. I mean, how did she know to which country to run to, if she has been living in Mauritania all her life? How did she know beforehand that she would find shelter and protection in Belgium? Why did she choose Belgium? I would like you to pay attention to this factor because Belgium is a country which might be hiding the criminals which all the Arab and Muslim nations are looking for.

So I asked her “when you first arrived here, have you ever been to Petit Chateau (the first arrival center in Belgium)?” She said “no”. She was using the night shelter in Brussels and there was a woman named “Jacqueline La Croix” who connected her with the CPAS / OCMW of Brussels where a social assistant prepared her asylum file. She probably meant Her Highness Jacqueline de Croÿ, but to keep her talking, I did as if I knew nothing. She could be a protégée and that is why she is so naughty with all of us.

Find out about the criminal water system that Her Highness Princess Jacqueline de Croy wants to implement in Niger, she told me. Keep her and her foundation out of your territory!

She was then sent to the Red Cross asylum center in Tournai, possibly without ever passing through Fedasil, I understood. So, this is how they do it. She has an orange card (a fake identity card), but I am not sure if she ever had an annex 26 (which is a fedasil document), and if so, I think the police should check if counterfeited annex 26’s are in circulation. It sounds like she has beaten the system in some way, and in the 6,5 months that I have been sharing a room with her, I have never heard her talk about going to an interview, so far. She has never taken off leave, not even for one day. She avoids going too far away from the center.

Her behavior corresponds with the description that the asylum seekers reported to me about two former members of DAESH, who killed people in Iraq, they said, because they were shown pictures of them in action. I was unable to locate the men because they never leave their rooms. That is the particularity which corresponds with Geinoba.

Mauritania does not habitually export refugees

I also never learned from Geinoba why she fled her country or what she has done wrong in a peaceful and democratic Maghreb country such as Mauritania. She is totally quiet about her past. The only thing I heard her say that she used to have a responsible position, earning a lot of money and highly valued by her management. She did not tell what her profession was.

“So why did you leave your country then,’’ I asked. She did not answer me. Could it be that she murdered someone because that would explain why she has no difficulties freezing everyone to death? There is always a chance that Geinoba was promised Belgian papers if she freezes her roommates to death. In that case, I think deportation is what awaits her.

To show how smart Miss Geinoba is with her possible participation to the anti-Muslim conspiracy of “Miss Jacqueline La Croix”, I am requesting the Mauritanian government to provide information on Miss Geinoba Tal to the Belgian Federal Police, to Interpol, the CIA, the FBI, but also to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. If she is the subject of an arrest warrant by the Mauritanian Justice, then get her arrested immediately. That is how I would like to see her removed from my room, just because of a stupid window that she decided to keep open. She should have kept it shut.

That is what I do with people who don’t care about other people’s health. I also don’t care about them. On the other hand, I do offer my help to those who need to win a positive decision at the Court of Justice. I give them the feeling that a “negative” is not the end of the world.

I noticed that every time when I enter the bedroom, and while I take off my shoes to wind out, Geinoba promptly stands up from her bed, she quickly runs to her mobile phone which she keeps charging against a pillar which is in the middle of the room The disconnects the cable and she takes her mobile phone under the sheets. This happened so often that I understood she was distrusting me. I guess there must be phone numbers and contacts that I should not be aware of… Perhaps like the phone of my mother for instance.

Geinoba Tal never exchanged her phone number with anyone in the room. She is not using the camp’s wifi. She goes to the nearest shopping mall to do her communications. One might think that perhaps she has an easier time getting connected without filling out a password like we need to do at each login, just as much as one might also think that she opens the window at night, just because she is hot.

If we continue to find excuses for potentially dangerous mad people, we will lose the war which we were unable to win because of a link we were unable to establish. It is the link between the Red Cross asylum center, Her Highness Princess Jacqueline de Croy and her soldiers in all the countries in the world. This is why the Geinoba Tal dossier — however small — should not be dismissed by the judicial authorities.

I thank you ever so greatly, President Ghazouani, for any help you can provide.

Long live Mauritania and I wish you a very long and fruitful life.

Salam fi rahmatu Allah wa barakatu





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