Genocides May Need To Be Re-evaluated Under New Light: The Hunts For Food

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To the attention of His Excellency Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations


First of all, let me share with you my latest letter to the attention of the Honorable Madame Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), about a simple and small burglary which happened to a Palestinian refugee in an asylum center of the Belgian Red Cross in Wallonia. The young man was mired into failures already in his country, with repetitive bombardments in which he lost everything, but also in Belgium.

An investigation of his case brought me on the track of a startling discovery on why mass-killings and genocides still occur so frequently in Modern Times. The letter is a press kit and it is entitled “New Elements May Solve a simple Burglary”. The new element was a possible murder attempt through a poisoning, here in Belgium.

While most people are stunned by genocides, wars, terrorism, and other bloody conflicts, and while we wonder why they have increased, few answers exist as to why wars and genocides are needed, and who needs them.

Nobody even at the highest levels of power was really questioning the deep reasons of wars, because at that level they tend to work out peace agreements, and often without an understanding of acknowledging what the underlying reason of the conflict is, neither if it is third-party or foreign interference.

Like goats, we have been following the premise that the religion of somebody would be the reason for the most violent terrorist attacks that were judged totally senseless, irrational, and in which innocent people are killed “for nothing”. In the case of Islamist terror, the Muslims know that religion was not the reason when Islam advocates coexistence.

When conflicts are not about territory, money, drugs or power, it was believed that the sales of warfare were the most logical answer to the question of why there is a war.

Well, even things like warfare, drugs, and territory, might actually be used as a screen of smoke behind which more serious motives for conducting wars are hiding.

What was found so far is that the terrorism, the armed conflicts in many areas of the world, but also the related mass migration, the human traffic, the prostitution-slavery, the drug traffic, the pedophilia and also abortion was apparently the work of a small little mafia based in Belgium, which financially supports this type of criminality in their own interest.

A few examples of terrorist acts that were financed by a highly dangerous mafia in Belgium :

The Dentist Who Wanted to Destroy My Smile

Torture at the Beauty Parlor

The death of Fatouma El Morabit

More examples are in this list of crimes committed by François Leemans. This list exemplifies a very high number of deaths caused by one and the same man who was using a fake identity for doing all this. He would have killed an estimated 7652 people through organized crime. Among them are the victims of the 9/11 attacks in New York, in 2001.


Why would anybody need to kill that many people?

As the criminality steered by one and the same mafia has many different faces, there must be an explanation to why a small mafia needs so many people to die in several ways, including road accidents such as the one that killed Princess Diana of Wales and Sir Dodi al Fayed, air crashes such as the one that killed Black American Senator Ron Brown and Lee Jackson (the son of Reverend Jesse Jackson), ordinary murders, and racist attacks. The same mafia might be the owner of companies that manufacture liquors, wines, and beers to stimulate the deadly tragedies. In this way, instead of calling 112, people will call 105, the Red Cross ambulances, which are by the way fake ambulances without any equipment for saving lives, and where they probably will finish off the wounded for reasons that were unknown, so far.

I found one rational answer which finally solves the mystery of all the wars in our world. It is hard to bring over my lips that “war makes sense in the case of nutritional survival for somebody”. I mean by this that food could be the reason why so many people are killed, and why different ways of killing them were devised. I don’t mean the food they eat or which they have in their fridges. I really mean that the victims represent a nutritious meal, rich in proteins, for somebody.

The blood of the victims is eaten by cannibals who apparently still exist in modern times. The blood and the plasma are used as a raw material “for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals” they say. However, the same process for separating plasma from the blood is used in the manufacturing of the blood sausage, and the machines that do the separation are far too expensive to deploy in the industrial production of white and black blood-based sausages.

Go to:

The white pudding is made of blood plasma, which is rich in white blood platelets. It is believed to boost the immune system. The black pudding is made of red blood. It is sold in the form of sausages in most Belgian butcheries, but not in the Islamic and the Jewish butcheries who never sell blood-based products, and who don’t share the kitchen or any utensil with chefs who prepare blood-based food.

Boudins noirs et blanc chez Delhaize

There is one company in the world where they separate the white plasma from the red blood at a large industrial scale. Its name is Plasma Industries Belgium. It is located in Brussels. It has its biggest refrigerated warehouses in Molenbeek — where Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect of the Paris attacks in November 2015, was hiding and where the largest number of immigrants from Morocco are living — , it employs around 307 people and it made a profit of 2 485 089 euro in 2018. You can download the latest annual balance sheet of Plasma Industries Belgium on this link.

Do you know of any other company in the world with this exceptional know-how?

Plasma Industries Belgium and Red Cross Belgium, are related in it that Red Cross Belgium collects the blood locally and internationally. A document about mergers and acquisitions with Plasma Industries Belgium mentions the Red Cross’s role in the supply of plasma.

It must be understood that I never suggested that the Red Cross makes sausages with the human blood which the Red Cross collect everywhere in the world and every day, simply because they are very well organized for doing this.

Sample 1: association of blood donors of Red Cross Belgium in Tournai
Sample 2: association of blood donors of Red Cross Belgium in Namur

When I was a child, I remember that the neighbors upstairs, who were an old Flemish couple named Victor and Stanske (who living on Van Den Hautelei 13, in 2100 Deurne-Antwerp), telling my mom to never buy or eat the black and the white sausage because it is made with the human blood. I clearly remember my mother asking “what? Is that sausage a human?”

It was on the same day when my mother and my father discovered from the same neighbors that there was a war in Europe about a decade before my parents came here and that the war was about the sausage. So, it was not a World War for nothing else but a blood sausage.

The two elder people stored lots of food in the cellar which was like the cave of Ali Baba, just in case the war would erupt again. They expected the war to start at any time, and now I understand why. The war was probably related to the diet of certain individuals, and therefore very easy to start at any moment of the day. All it takes is for these individuals to get very hungry.

I have been observing one of them for many months. They don’t resort to eating vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts, seeds or cereals to stop the hunger. They resort to eating raw meat and raw sausages as this is what brings true satisfaction to their lives. It is the taste of blood which they need to experience.

My mother asked my father how a sausage can possibly be filled with human blood. “How do they do that? Where do they find the people?”. My father replied to her with another question, “.. but how can they possibly get hold of the human blood?”. He sounded like he did not believe what the neighbors told us, because according to him, Belgium is a peaceful and safe country. He would rather be questioning the mental sanity of the two elderly people, with all the respect. That is how the fear subsided and how we began to forget all about the black and the white blood sausage made from human blood.

While my father was thinking that murdering people was necessary for taking the blood, nobody made a direct connection with the Red Cross campaigns to give blood.

You don’t have to be killed to be eaten up. You can watch yourself be eaten up by somebody if you give blood to this country. And if you eat the blood sausage, you might end up eating yourself.

They serve the sausage mostly with applesauce and pomme purée in the schools and in the canteen of the companies where I worked, including MSD and KPN-Orange who relied on Sodexo. It is the company which caters with the fist.

My manager at KPN Orange was Mr. Fons Nuyts who, according to me is a black and white pudding eater. Read more about him in “If I Didn’t Hava a Religion, the Orange Values Would Be My Bible

It is a horrible and disgusting dish that I cannot even look at, let alone to bring it to my lips. Yet, it is very successful, in Belgium, where people swallow it without difficulties. They end the meal with a beer from Chimay or so.

Visit Boucherie Nicolas:

How can people resist eating human blood when presented in this way? How can anyone suggest that this is cannibalism? Nobody believes it could be the blood of someone’s baby. The poisonous belief that “eating black pudding” is OK and cool, has entered in the morals. The people who tried this sausage said it was so good that they will eat it again.

Do you think they will stop eating this when they find out that they were eating another human being, or will they continue eating this? I think that most people don’t want to know what was in the sausage. That is what I mean when this food enters the morals of an entire population.

Not only the Belgians but also the expatriates from France, Spain, Congo, and Burundi, for instance, came to appreciate the delicacy. I was flabbergasted when I saw a Belgium-born Moroccan compatriot named Kaddour eating the black sausage during the lunch at work. “Monster” was the word that went through my head.

I was even more stunned when a very beautiful and intelligent French young woman, who was pregnant, suddenly dropped everything on her desk to exceptionally take a hot meal for lunch, the day when the black sausage was on the menu, whereas she normally eats a hot meal only in the evening with her family. The black sausage should be forbidden by law for pregnant women and children.

What if they were actually eating the blood of the Palestinians, the Rwandan and the women in Kivu… or their own family?

Well, this is how a mafia in Belgium is mocking with our lives and blood. This sausage is perhaps the reason why Miss Denise Janssens was assassinated and the need for blood would explain why her body was found with about one hundred stabs from a knife. The stabs probably made it easy to drain the body from all the blood for producing the sausage. The criminal court did not want to investigate or know who killed her. Her case was filed as a cold case.

Miss Rachida Targali was possibly also killed for her blood by the same vampires. While her case was officially filed as someone who died of a heroin overdose, the young woman was too poor to buy any sort of drugs. A conspiracy has changed the story of how she died to make it seem like it was her own fault.

Her mother doubted that she was using drugs in the first place. She found several wounds all over the body of her child. Some wounds were covered with bandages and other wounds were stitched. The mother received the instruction from a nurse to keep the bandaged covered while washing and preparing the body for the burial. The nurse — who was a local Belgian — had to stay with the body in the room where several female family members of Rachida were cleansing the body to wrap it in the final cloth. I think the mother carefully lifted one bandage to see what was underneath. She took peace with the thought that they removed the organs. The chances are much higher that her body was drained of all the blood. In that case, Miss Denise Janssens and Miss Rachida Targali were victims by the same hands.

With all the deaths and assassinations happening around me, like Miss Renata Bura, Miss Saliha Baghdadi, Miss Saida Mahmoudi and Mr. Ahmed Talhaoui. All the cases have never been investigated under the angle of human traffic. It is just startling how the Belgian Justice lets monsters continue their operations for many decades. They are also not investigating quickly enough the presence of criminals from another country, such as Miss Ina Valstar.

Both Miss Saida Mahmoudi and Mr. Ahmed Talhaoui have reportedly been assassinated in the basement of the Sheherazade Lounge on 10 Stenenbrug in 2140 Antwerp, at the same address where Miss Ina Valstar lives.

All the above cases — like many other cases such as the assassination of Miss Nabila Taoufik — deserve an investigation under the new angle of “the blood sausage business”. I am calling on the help of the United Nations to help us, to help the Belgian police and people in solving this question.

Not only the deaths and the assassinations but also the theft of projects, such as the Culinary Arts from Thailand, for instance, were strategies for increasing the value of the blood sausage with innovative recipes. The mafia was inspired by the initiative and they initiated Master Chef all over the world. Though, the Moroccan cuisine was the most inspiring for somebody who encouraged Miss Choumicha Shaffay to hear out the poor farmers in particular on how to bring taste to the animals they slaughter with their own hands… Now I know why.

And if you don’t want to be their sausage or their main course, or just a blood donor, then you will be treated as a dessert, like Twix.

Go to: “Who Does Not Like Choco and Caramel like Twix?” an article about Mr. Joseph Ghyssens, a very dangerous Belgian man who owns a beauty salon named “Beauté et Bien-être”, and who apparently is leading the Latin American refugee community in Belgium into committing crimes for him, like spying on me and my plans for cosmetics. He has been living for 30 years with a Congolese woman named Beatrice, and he has been unwilling to marry her. She has never known why. It is because he is not her friend. He is the Enemy.

“The Enemy. Our true enemy is not the neighboring nation, it is hunger, cold, misery, ignorance, routine, superstition, routine, prejudice;” Henri Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross movement. In other words: the Enemy is not a person according to Red Cross Belgium.

This is why we need to trigger new questions and aim for the truth to come out, to reveal the sickness to the entire planet. It would be really interesting to send scientists to collect samples of these sausages and to have the DNA examined to see if it was made with animal blood or with human blood.

Another way to find out is to have well-trained dogs to sniff and confirm if the sausages contain human blood or animal blood. There must be also diseases related to this type of diet, and perhaps cancer and Alzheimer (both degenerate diseases) might be one of them. The Alzheimer could be a reaction related to the diet like the mad cow disease which was caused by feeding to the living cows the bones of the dead cows.

If you are in the neighborhood of Belgium, please visit a butcher today, and buy to collect samples of blood sausage and do something about it, because it is unlikely that they would invest very expensive plasma machines for processing the blood of the pigs.

Find out more in the press kit to the International Criminal Court, in which Palestine has been highlighted through the case of a war refugee who might be a victim of the same mafia in his country and in Belgium. His case defines the proposed logic in this article, which is persecution.

When you read this, you too will say “aha, now that makes sense”. The blood sausages give a war more meaning, unfortunately.

Yes, the sausages do make sense to the racist policy that causes people to fail their lives. It does make sense to donuts that I was given on purpose at the VUB. Professor Roland Willemeys gave me donuts with the intention to eventually turn me into a sausage. That is why the Belgian education system was unwilling to invest money in me. Professor Roland Willemeys literally wanted to make a meal out of me. I thought that they were failing me to keep an immigrant stock available for the dirty industry in which the Belgians refused to work, like in the coal mines. Now I realize that they were keeping an immigrant stock available to rather assert the food for their own survival.

Our blood is part of their diet for modifying their genetic material, just like sushi or chicha can change the brain functioning. That is why they prevented me from getting a decent education, from creating my business, from getting married and having children. It does make sense to deny the investments to certain social groups and any form of social and economic advancement when the ultimate aim was to make sausages of them.

The blood sausage is also the reason why the World Bank, the United Nations Fund and the IMF make entire nations bankrupt, poor and illiterate. It is to make it easy to get the blood of the people to help their sausage industry turn like crazy. That was the commerce which was ruling the entire World Bank and the IMF from which many countries were accepting loans with fake money like the SDR.

Commerce was generating jobs. All the international jobs were going to Islamic State, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, Al Shabaab, Abu Sayaf, too many fake Taliban, but also to Ndragetha in Italy and to highly violent factions in Northern Ireland to kill as many people as possible for collecting blood, to the benefit of someone. They were the helpers or “the collaborators”.

They were receiving beautiful Toyota cars to crisscross Sub-Saharan Africa preferably with the undocumented migrants inside for the sausage industry, of course, because nobody will know what becomes of them, anyway.

“Trace the Face” says the Red Cross. It is a program for “restoring the family links”. It is a program that will keep you looking forever for your family who was probably somebody’s meal.

All their family members can be found most probably here:

“Trace the blood” and “trace the DNA” is what I recommend to invest in, in the coming decades, Your Excellency Antonio Guterres.

Do you think that the European Central Bank also has something to do with the blood sausage, just like the World Bank?

If this question is new, then let’s find an answer together. To this end, I have the honor to include a memorandum of understanding for your review.

Memorandum of understanding for working together

The only answer to this discovery is a total Maghrexit. That is what I suggested to His Majesty the King of Morocco, in September 2016. In those years, Morocco was still believing in Belgium a little more than in me.

Thank you for your time, Your Excellency Antonio Guterres for your time and attention.

Yours sincerely


Letter to the King Mohammed V Foundation on preparing the Maghrexit




I am an enterprise and a project controls analyst. I develop collaborative enterprise systems and I am investment adviser for a group of Oriental Investors.