Economist Frank Buttons Was Pushed From the 8th Floor When He Mentioned the SEC

His Excellency Donald Trump, The President of the United States, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA

In January 1999 Mt George de Kock and Mr Joseph Gheyssens would have travelled to Austin, Texas with the plan to sell shares of an American mining company which produces gold.

I did not receive the name of the company, and does not exist anymore. The American company must surely have a link to Belgium as well as to the World Bank which essentially deals with the developing countries mostly in Africa. What is more important than the mining company is the life of a young American which was cut short for no good reason. His name is Frank Button.

The two Belgians had an appointment with Mr Frank Buttons who was an executive banker, and an economist with the Lehman Brothers Bank in New York. The meeting with this banker was about cashing in the bonds related to the shares.

The discussion happened on a terrace on the rooftop of the apartment where Frank Buttons was living, as the featured image above shows. It is a building for affluent people such as Jeff Conway, an actor of the TV series Taxi, who had his home in that building.

The discussion did not go very well, because the banker had noticed that the documents were not compliant. The name of the mining company was mentioned on the document, but the rest of the document was filled with information that had expired. In any case, the banker refused to cooperate. How can any discussion go well when forgery is what is expected?

The discussion escalated from the moment when there was a question of notifying the falsified documents or to have them verified by the SEC (the Securities and Exchange Commission), before paying out the large sums.

A similar refusal to forge shares occurred in the case of Budweiser Beer, involving Her Highness Princess Jacqueline de Croÿ who allegedly would have forced Mr Samuel Hall to forge investment bonds. After he refused to do that he was assassinated by a hired murderer.

Samuel Hall was a biochemist with Budweiser in Florida. He was also a fervent skier with the national Brotherhood of Skiers
Samuel Hall was an Afro-American biochemist with Budweiser in Florida. He was also a fervent skier with the national Brotherhood of Skiers

Mr George De Kock became the most aggressive verbally with Frank Button. Mr Joseph Gheyssens is likely to be more aggressive physically as I have seen this about him myself.

I hardly knew the man, and he balled his fists in front of me when I asked for the internet address of Dr Schrammek a cosmetics producer in Germany, and a supplier of skin care products to his beauty salon named Beauté et Bien-être in Tongerenstraat 52A, 1040 Brussels. I was building a website for Beauté et Bien-être and I was searching to incorporate the website of Dr Schrammek, So I needed the web address. That was all, and it almost cost my life.

Beatrice De Wilde, his companion interfered. She came to stand between us, to keep him away from me, and she calmed him down. She explaining that it was the internet address, not the physical address that I requested. It took a while for him to understand what link or a web address means, and that is how I realized that the man could have killed me for misunderstanding my question. I knew immediately that I was dealing with a killer ape.

This is how I would explain to the Supreme Court of Justice of the United States why Mr Joseph Gheyssens would be more likely the first to have used violence against Mr Frank Buttons and that it would be his idea to exterminate the man who refused to commit fraud for a Belgian mafia against the American interest. He would have pushed Frank Buttons to lose his balance and his puppet, who is George De Kock would have helped put more weight on Mr Frank Buttons that the only exit for the banker was to fall backward over the railing and into the void.

Mr George De Kock and his friend Mr Joseph Gheyssens would have fled as quickly as possible, immediately after the assassination. They would have left without taking with them the papers about the shares with the name of the mining company, about which the discussion started with the banker, and which cost the life of a young and ambitious Frank Buttons. He was 37 years of age when he died in 1999.

Of course some noise was audible, when the three men were quarreling. A witness has seen part of it, but he heard it all.

He was also a banker and a colleague of Frank Buttons. His name is Mr James Finlay and he was living on the 7th floor. He was able to watch the scene from his terrace.

He has seen the two Belgian men pushing his colleague over the railing and he saw him falling down from the 8th floor and die in this terrible way for no good reason.

Mr Finlay happened to know that Mr Buttons was meeting two Belgian that afternoon. He would have testified with the Austin Police.

Mr George De Kock travelled to Austin as Jean-Marc Hellemans with a fake Belgian passport. Mr Joseph Gheyssens travelled as George Vandermeulen, also with a fake Belgian passport.

They stayed for one night in Austin in the house of a friend of Mr Joseph Gheyssens who is Suzanne Auerbach. She lives in Austin and she is still there . She was also in the banking and unaware of what the two men were doing before they came to her, which is that they have killed a man. She reportedly employed with a large Amercian bank of which I am withholding the name, unless the authorities need it.

The two Belgians travelled back to Brussels the next day with American Airlines. They did not take off from Austin, but they took the plane from another airport..

The question arises how come the American police failed to arrest them?

In any case, should Mr Joseph Gheyssens be ever arrested for the murder of Mr Frank Buttons, then I will happily come to the USA to testify against him, and to make sure he gets the death penalty. He has held his Congolese companion as hostage in his house in which he employed her as a slave.

He was treating her like a Twix

He is also the man who ran off to somebody with the idea for the group-purchasing of electricity which I was discussing with Miss Dominique Rambaud, the Assistant of the French Member of the European Parliament, His Excellency Philippe Adwent. I understand now that Mr Joseph Gheyssens and Mr George De Kock need these new ideas to financially roll as many poor countries as possible in “new energy ventures” and to have the rich countries pay to Belgium lots of money for an expertise which they don’t have.

When it comes to Mr George De Kock, he appears to be a serial killer too and a profound racist, possibly the worst of the whole World Bank bunch.

In my next article I will be revealing how he murders Black people in the USA, including his attempts to kill his wife Angela Shaw, who is a Afro-American Harvard lawyer.

Thank you for your time and cooperation, Your Excellency President Donald Trump of the United States of America.

God Bless you. God Bless the USA.

Yours sincerely,


I am an enterprise and a project controls analyst. I develop collaborative enterprise systems and I am investment adviser for a group of Oriental Investors.

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I am an enterprise and a project controls analyst. I develop collaborative enterprise systems and I am investment adviser for a group of Oriental Investors.

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