A glimpse into the lives of migrants in Belgium reveals clues to terror threats against US air force base

For His Excellency Joe Biden, the President of the United States,1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA

Mariam has been through tough times recently. She lives with her mother in a social apartment block on the left bank in the city of Antwerp. The area is very comparable to what they refer to in France at the HLM (Habitation à Loyer Modéré — low income housing), where entire building is nowadays home to many refugees from Afghanistan and Chechnya, and recently also Tibetans and Pakistani joined the growing migrant community of Antwerp.

City of Antwerp

Mariam feels watched by some who she feels are spying on her life for someone. Strange things have been happening to her family and herself leading her to believe that they are targeted by a conspiracy. Yet nobody has been able to answer the simple questions who it is who wants to hurt her family and why, because there have been threats to kill some of her family members.

She feels let down. “They don’t understand why everyone is focused on them, on their income, the bank situation, their marriages, the kids, their schooling, the health of the mother, and many things that make you wonder ‘why the neighbors don’t mind their business’”, she told me.

Beginning of March 2021 her nephew Driss was physically harassed by two Belgian police officers. He was also kidnapped and taken to a cellar in Tournai where they threatened to cut off his legs if he did not give them 500 Euro. Mariam received a phone call with a French number from a man who wanted 500 Euro, or they will cut off the legs of her nephew. She rushed to Western Union to get 500 Euro across to him.

There are also problems with another nephew who is 13 years of age, and whose attitude is to betray the family’s private life to thirds. He reminds me of my mother whose actions are driven by envy.

His name is Anas B. and he should be watched by the police because the kid is being encouraged to do crimes for someone else. Mariam believes that the youngster is being manipulated by someone who works in the administration and who pretends to protect him. Anas trusts him and wilfully does what the other says also to show that he is up to the challenge.

I am still fishing for precision on who this person might be, who sends the child to find out through about what is happening in the family.

When I explained to Mariam that absolutely all these problems are related to the forest which belongs to her family in Morocco, from which they were chased and which they believe they lost, although the justice case which her father initiated is still pending.

I was the second person to tell her this, and this is why she is more receptive to my suggestions than she was 2 or three years ago.

I explained that I might have come on track of the mafia which took over the forest. I told her about the Wouterse family in Morocco and Inès Wouters in Brussels, who “owns big chunks of land” in Morocco and in the Western Sahara as well.

Lawyer Inès Wouters owns about 69 hectares of land in Dakhla, Layoun and La Guirra ; under the name Sophia Georgenides, a fake Greek identity from Athena, with which she has a bank in Mellon Bank, Chase Manhattan and Al Tijari Waffa bank.

Mariam was more stunned to discover that the problem of that forrest in Morocco has something to do with Belgium than the fact that they lost all of it,

It will take a little more effort to get her to believe the next part, which is that all the problems her family and herself have, is directly related to keeping out the true owners of that forest Morocco and to the threats to be crippled or killed, which seem random and arbitrary. However, they are part of certain people’s colonial logic.

For as long as nobody makes any noise about claiming the forest back, “there is no other owner around”, and that this is what the migration to Belgium was all about.

It will take me even more effort to convince her of the fake identity papers and passports such as “Sophia Georgenides from Greece” with which these Belgians erased all the tracks leading to Belgium.

‘They pay people over here, like spies who keep an eye on each of your family members, to make them fail everything in life”, I explained.

I encouraged her to escalate the problem in Belgium, with the European Union and the United Nations.

When I asked her to tell me the name of the forest, she forgot the Arabic name. It has another name which is “el ghaba dial Merikan’’. “Why do they call it the American forest?” I asked. “Because the forest is bordering the American base in Tangiers, along the shore. ‘It is a huge forrest”, she told me.

Then it dawned on me why they were giving my family and me a hard time, here in Belgium.

The farming land of my grandfather in Kenitra is also near an American base, and I never looked at the problem in this way. We used to have family working in the American base, and they grew more open-minded towards the world than the rest of the family. I never thought that the reason why our land was robbed by an Enemy has something to do with the US Army being present in my country. So the choice to attack the farm landowners in this particular part of Morocco was not by coincidence.

The forest which originally belongs to Fertoul could be the forest where the clandestine migrants have been hiding, and where there are racist attacks with machetes against the Black African especially from the Congo. The attacks are possibly ordered by people who have a problem with the Black African people, such as the Wouterse who have the reputation of being hateful.

Mariam Firtoul’s fathers’s family are originally from Fez. Her mother’s parents come from Moulay Idriss and the family name is Begdouri-Barda.

Grandfather Fertoul was a well-respected Cadi or a man of law in Tangier. He lost the forest around 1968 and 1969. The father of Mariam died in 1969 of heart problems, that are related to the property loss, the fruitless legal actions and the persecution by certain occupants who chase any Fertoul away with clubs and machetes, if they dare to step on that ground again, like one of her sisters did in the recent years.

The chances are that the occupants were actually ISIL terrorists and not regular inhabitants, and that they did not know that. That is why I think that this is the forrest where undocumented Black Africans are massacred without anybody ever hearing anything about that happening in Morocco.

The forest could actually be a training camp for future terrorists, because when the legal owners are absent, thus it has become a lawless area in which very bad things happen, for which the true property owners can be held accountable. Imagine a mass grave in that area. It is not against the Wouters or Inès Wouters who the International Criminal Court is going to search for. They will likely search for the Fertoul family or their children

Given that the forest is located near a US airbase, this could also be the place where the attacks on the Belgian air force base of Kleine Brogel were prepared. This is why I think the Tunisian-born soccer player Nizar ben Abdelaziz Trabelsi should be questioned again to check if he has knowledge of the US airbases in Morocco and also if he has ever heard of Lucien Leuwenkroon, attorney Inès Wouters, Alfons Nuyts and the Wouterse family. He should be shown the pictures and be led to confess.

Someone is preparing very bad human rights records and problems with the universal justice for the Kingdom of Morocco, because there are more than one forests being used in this way especially for attacking the migrants from Black Africa, including a forest in and around Casablanca.

It is clear that to stop the abuse, Morocco must dump the bilateral agreements with the Kingdom of Belgium and deport the colonials out of my country, and that they find a forest somewhere else for their mass graves.


I am an enterprise and a project controls analyst. I develop collaborative enterprise systems and I am investment adviser for a group of Oriental Investors.

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